Mikey Rukus works with Tony Khan on AEW theme music, fan reactions


Mikey Rukus is AEW’s music producer, and he recently discussed working with Tony Khan on musical styles and more. Rukus sat down with Fightful’s Grapsody show for a new interview and talked about fan reactions to his singing on the songs and more.

“A lot of times fans ask, ‘How come you have to sing to all these songs? How come he can’t sing?'” Rukus said. “There will always be an initial reaction to something that people don’t know about. 20% will always support it, 20% will always hate it, and the other 60% will watch it and be on the fence and be swayed by a number of things. Maybe they like the song, but don’t like the artist. Maybe they like the song, but the people they follow hate it, so they hate it too. Maybe they’re not really into it, but they see that everyone likes it, so they like it too. There are different things playing into that and that’s the realm of working through those things.

He continued, “Tony and I talked a long time ago about the importance of AEW music in popular music. There’s a reason I do lyrics on some of these songs. When you have a band like Rage Against The Machine or Tool or Slipknot, they’re going to have the same singer. Our music is exposed to people outside of the wrestling bubble and it says “All Elite Wrestling”. We want some familiarity and continuity there. If they hear Rukus’ voice on All Elite Wrestling’s song “All About The Boom” or if they hear him again on Keith Lee, “Who am I, I am Keith Lee”. Now we put a face with the name, a voice with the sound and with the audio mark. It brings everything together. When there are opportunities to bring in star artists, that’s perfect. When there are other songs where we’ve kind of planned where my voice will be on them, great. We have a very broad, long-term plan for the AEW music brand and that’s where it all ties together.


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