Mission Youth contributes to fulfilling the aspirations of J&K Youth


SRINAGAR, MAY 28 (KNS): “Young people should be respected, valued and listened to, supported and encouraged to build personal and social relationships, to develop their innate abilities and talents for their own benefit and the benefit of society as a whole “, envisioned the UT government’s J&K Youth Mission initiative.

The implementation of Mission Youth in Jammu and Kashmir has proven instrumental in fulfilling the aspirations of UT youths by facilitating them a perfect platform to fully tap into their employment potential.

The mission aimed to simultaneously achieve the dual goals of harnessing the rich demographic dividend and transforming J&K youth into ambassadors of innovation, peace and development through systematic interventions for youth engagement and outreach. in six areas including livelihood generation, education/skills development, finance assistance, counselling/theory, sports and recreation.

To meet the aspirations of young people, the J&K administration has taken many steps to create infrastructure, programs and policies aimed at accelerating their socio-economic development within the framework of Mission Youth.

Jammu and Kashmir is endowed with a predominantly young population, with around 69% of people under the age of 35. In order to provide a platform for the holistic implementation of all youth engagement and outreach initiatives and to place youth interests and empowerment at the center of policy making, the Government of Jammu- and Kashmir launched a pioneering “Mission Youth” initiative.

Under the Mumkin scheme, unemployed young people are helped to procure small utility vehicles, at subsidized rates, to establish a sustainable livelihood line in the transport sector. In addition, a module has been developed on the JK-e Services portal to operate the system digitally in a completely transparent way.

As a special incentive under this program, Mission Youth contributes 0.80 lakh or 10% of the on-road vehicle price (whichever is the minimum) per beneficiary and an equivalent amount is also contributed by car manufacturers. Mission Youth has partnered with reputable automakers as program partners to provide youth with best-in-class vehicle options. Pertinently, the discretion to choose the type of vehicle is left to the youth in accordance with program guidelines.

A dedicated portal has been launched by Mission Youth in collaboration with Vision India to connect J&K youth with the industry. The initiative aims to provide more than 10,000 job opportunities for young people in 2022.

The J&K administration has taken many steps to create infrastructure, formulate programs and policies to accelerate economic development and meet the aspirations of young people so that they can contribute to society and achieve their own growth.

Mission Youth as part of its AVSAR (Connect to Opportunities Initiative) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Vision India to provide job opportunities for J&K youth. A portal dedicated to J&K youth job opportunities has been set up to help them get the best jobs.

In his efforts to empower women socially and economically, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha initiated the Tejaswini program to be implemented in the Union Territory. This is a seed funding program for teenage girls and young women at UT, empowering them and empowering them through their own businesses.

The general objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to young women aged 18 to 35 to set up profitable self-employed businesses, suited to their skills, training, abilities and local conditions. Under this scheme, female entrepreneurs will be facilitated to avail financial assistance under Mudra of J&K Bank to the tune of Rs 5.00 lakh. Mission Youth, J&K will provide an amount of Rs. 50,000 or 10% of the project cost as a grant. In addition, the interest component of the loan will also be sponsored by Mission Youth as a special incentive and the repayment of the loan will technically be interest-free for young women entrepreneurs who apply for assistance under the program.

Mission Youth focuses on the continuous encouragement, engagement and mobilization of J&K youth volunteers to support the government’s efforts towards the socio-economic transformation of Jammu and Kashmir.

Another initiative of Mission Jeunesse is that of youth clubs. Youth volunteers in these youth clubs receive training in all aspects of government programs. They will be part of emergency and crisis plans and will be involved in planning and decision-making regarding volunteer-led activities to be done in Panchayats or wards.

Youth clubs also receive special incentives in the form of grants to support their activities. Youth engagement programs have been organized in all districts through these youth clubs and more than 2 lakh youths have been involved in the program. (KNS)


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