More heat for Coke’s personalization tool because it bans “Palestine”, “Black Lives Matter” and “Mohammed”, but not “White Pride”



Coke’s customizable bottle tool blocked the name Mohammed – the third most popular name in the world – and “Palestine”.

Yesterday, Coca-Cola was exposed for preventing customers from adding the words “Lesbian” or “Gay Pride” to its customizable Coke bottle while allowing “White Pride” and “Cock Suckers”.

Now, further investigation has revealed a number of other words and phrases blocked by the tool.

As explored by B&T previously the word “Mexican” is currently stuck on the Personalization Tool, but not “British”, “American” and “Australian”.

Twitter user Rami ismail pointed out that on the US store the word “Palestine” is blocked, as is the name Mohammed. These two facts have been verified by B&T.

However, according to Ismail’s original tweet, “Israel” has been unblocked.

When tested by B&T, when trying to type ‘Israel’ on the bottle, Coke’s error message popped up: “Oops! Looks like the name you requested is not approved. Names may not be approved if they are potentially offensive to other people, trademarks, or celebrity names.

Journalist and authorr Laura Kate Dale also said on Twitter that “Black Lives Matter” was blocked, but “blue lives matter” and “Nazis” were not.

When tested by B&T, “Blue Lives Matter” (both uppercase and non-caps) were both blocked on the US site, as were “Nazi” and “Nazis.”

However, ‘Black Lives Matter’ was also still stuck.

This suggests that Coke is adding more words to the blocked list, although the process of approving or not approving certain phrases is unclear.

Oddly, he still hasn’t approved “Gay Pride”, but still allows “White Pride”.

Now, however, when you create a Coke bottle mockup on the site, there is text on the image that says “pending approval” – yesterday there was none.

While Coke has yet to respond to the storm, you can now put “lesbian” on a bottle of Coke. You can also always put on “cock suckers”.

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