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MARK TREMONTI: CREED Reunion is “simply not feasible” at the moment

More than a year ago, CREED updated her Facebook profile with an old photo, sparking rumors of the multi-platinum act’s imminent return.

Mark, who promotes the fifth album of his solo group TREMONTI, “Walking in time”, discussed the chances of a CREED back in a new interview

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Tool announces dates for 2022 tour

Tool comes back on the road. After having to cancel their last tour due to the pandemic, the band announced a massive tour that will begin in the new year.

“The past 18 months have tried to say the least, but great trials come great lessons and great rewards,” said the drummer. Danny Carey. “We are really looking forward to sharing them with you. “

The 2022 tour begins January 10 in Eugene, Oregon, and North American dates end March 20 in Cleveland, Ohio. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. local time.

Houston… Toyota Center Feb 04 Listen to win prizes all week.

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TEST YOUR SKILLS !!! Rock bands that were used in “Jeopardy!” Questions

Imagine being a competitor on “Danger!” and get asked a question about your favorite rock band. All of the dedicated work of your life as a fan has brought you to this moment.

Here are some questions that were featured on the show. . . let’s see if you can get them right (most are easy):

1. In 2013, this “Enter Sandman” metal band became the first to perform on all seven continents when it performed at an Antarctic base. . .


2. In 2019, this hard rock group led by Maynard james keenan released his first album in 13 years and it went to number 1. . .

Who is TOOL?

3. An official PEARL JAM website informs us that this singer loves card tricks and the Chicago Bulls . . .


4. Despite the loss of an arm, Rick allen keep on drumming for this hard rock band. . .


5. Unfortunately, on January 8, 1994, this group performed their last American show in their hometown of Seattle. . .


6. AEROSMITH I have the title of the song “Take this route” of a line in this movie. . .

What is “Young Frankenstein”.

7. Gene Simmons says it takes her two hours to put on makeup for this group. . . he said Paul Stanley takes 45 minutes but has less to do. . .

Who is TO KISS?

8. Song: By BLACK SABBATH . . . Movie: Tony Stark arms armor. . .

What is “Iron Man”.

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A cyclist used his GPS tracker to draw the cover by NIRVANA“No matter”.


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