Musician sums up the plot of the Fellowship of the Ring in a hilarious song


Showing the endless creativity of Lord of the Rings fans, a musical artist made a catchy tune recounting the first book in laugh-worthy detail.


Fan art comes in all its forms, from the traditional to the bizarre to the “Wait, has anyone built a life-size Gundam?” The world of artwork already has a depth that is matched only by the Mariana Trench, and somehow, when the fandom enters the mix, that volume of variety is growing exponentially. Now, to be fair, the topic of attention today is not particularly outside the realm of expectations or anything like that. It’s just fun talking about fan art, and The the Lord of the Rings has experienced its own small renaissance in this regard.

A new challenger has entered the arena of fan art, and he has managed to achieve that funny and eye-catching sweet spot that sometimes eludes even the parodying master Weird Al himself. This the Lord of the Rings fan decided to create their own little tribute to the first book in the legendary fantasy trilogy by means of a 90-second retelling of the story on a kneeling beat. Performing both parts himself, the creative musician performs the song via author JRR Tolkien’s framing device defiantly explaining the story to his editor, and it’s a yuk festival all the way through.

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Coming from YouTuber and music stylist Tom Cardy, the song begins purely in comedy territory as its version of Tolkien does a little spoken word in a style vaguely reminiscent of “Rapper’s Delight”. This is not the funny part, of course. The hilarity comes from his focus on how much walking the book involves (peppery with a bit of NSFW parlance). Some viewers may feel a bit nostalgic for a similar event (albeit not musical) LOTR gag seen in Kevin Smith’s Clerks II, but Cardy goes above and beyond by including some of the stops Frodo and the rest of the Hobbits make along the way in perfect beat with the addicting beat.

After hearing the word “walk” a bit enough times that it doesn’t sound like a word anymore, things slowly start to branch out as Tolkien gradually gets louder and screams more. At this point it becomes somewhat clear that Cardy appears to be a Harry potter fan too, because he makes several references to the wizarding world, in particular by calling the Nazgûl “Dementors” and even by evoking the prison of Azkaban.

Finally, after the video slowly builds up with new instrumentation joining the fray over time, Cardy reaches a climax where the editor suggests the all-too-familiar “conspiracy solution” of asking the community to just go up. a group of birds to their destination. Tolkien is, of course, not cool with it, and pulls out a guitar to sing a last extended “waaaaaaaalk” on himself shouting “they’ll walk if I tell them!”

This is just one more example of the passion generated in fans by The Lord of the Rings and countless other delicious cheesy things. From creative songs like this to really smart ship upgrades for Star wars, the fans have shown that their love knows no bounds. Heck, the song is so good it almost makes the viewer forget their blatant disregard for Tom Bombadil. Almost.

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Source: Tom Cardy / YouTube

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