Mysterious rocker Dama Vicke finds clarity in the dark


Who: A mystical air surrounds this bilingual singer-songwriter, whose work is tinged with jazz, slow acoustics and psychedelic rock. Although still new to Las Vegas, Dama Vicke has already stirred the scene with shows at Taverna Costera, Space and Usual Place.

Past: Born in Mexico City, Vicke grew up in Miami, where she absorbed a tapestry of sound styles. “It’s so multicultural that I learned from a lot of countries, like Brazil,” she says. “I started listening to bossa nova, samba, jazz. A little bit of everything.”

As a child, she sang and read poetry with her uncle’s band at concerts. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Police toured Vicke’s house regularly, and by age 15 she was writing music and playing in rock bands. She went solo in 2016, later winning accolades for Best Songwriter in the Miami New Times, and Best Independent Artist and Best Lyrics at the American Tracks Music Awards.

Glow in the dark: Vicke often reflects on venomous relationships and messy breakups in her music. It’s sometimes haunting, especially on his 2017 EP Inflection point, which Vicke sings languidly in English and Spanish. Rather than straying from nostalgia and melancholy, Vicke dances into it, harnessing the darkness for its startling impact.

“We are looking for music that goes with the emotion we feel at that moment. I am not doing it on purpose; I just use it as a tool to really release my own emotions. I have love songs. In fact, they are all love songs. They are just angry,” she adds with a laugh.

That anger comes to life through its visceral music videos, created by Miami-based director Milcho and Vicke’s friends Carla Forte and Alexey Taran. “[Carla and Alexey] are contemporary dancers and filmmakers,” says Vicke, who has acted in the past. “That’s why we connected so well, because we both love all that drama and cinema. A bit of darkness in the aesthetic.

“Point of Inflection” is essential viewing, as is “Te Quiero Mal,” which was filmed in Las Vegas.

Next: The singer’s new album with famed producer Sam Fisher (Lady Gaga, Duran Duran) is slated for fall 2022. Vicke’s single “Elefante” (produced by Agustin Espina) will also be released on August 12 and is sure to spark conversation. .

“It’s very dramatic and it’s about patriarchy,” she says. “Naturally, he’s coming out at a very important time right now for women.”


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