Netflix series squid game has become a marketing tool


korean netflix series, Squid game has already become a cultural phenomenon. So naturally, brands started using the series as a marketing ploy.

Television, movies, books and music have the power to define what is considered “in” and what is considered “out”. For example, according to Buzzfeed, after the popularity of the chess series, The Queen’s Gambit, eBay reported that sales of chess sets increased 215 percent.

Squid game saw a similar result. Paper reported that the White Vans have been selling since the show started. White Vans are the shoes worn by the majority of the characters in the show, almost like a uniform.

Basically, when a show reaches the kind of success, Squid game a, it impacts culture, and savvy brands want to be a part of it.

The pizza chain, Dominos jumped on the Squid games trending, using symbols and references from the show to promote a pizza offering, an Instagram caption read: “Hundreds of hungry customers received an invitation to #SamaSamaJaga, to get 2 regular pizzas for RM19. Do you have yours? Enticing treats await you! #SquidGame. “

Likewise, a milk brand in Singapore, Marigold HL Milk took advantage of the fair to promote its chocolate milk.

On Instagram, the brand posted: “MARIGOLD HL Chocolate Milk is high in protein and calcium, the perfect boost when playing to win. We also have other delicious flavors! #SquidGame #HLLiveBetter.

Meanwhile, Pepsi was a bit more subtle when it released a Squid game symbol embedded in its iconic soft drink, with the caption “if you know, you know”.

Of course, it’s still early days. so supposedly more and more brands will jump on the Squid game tendency to connect with consumers.

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