New Wiggle Lucia Field Tells ‘Weird’ Details About Joining The Band


Wiggle’s newest Lucia Field has revealed a “strange” detail about joining her dad Anthony Field in children’s band The Wiggles.

Anthony and Lucia shared on Sunrise on Friday morning that 17-year-old Lucia – who is now a Blue Wiggle – “found it weird calling her dad Anthony”.

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The proud dad said he ‘never thought’ his daughter would end up joining the famous children’s band.

“I thought she would do something in the creative world, we always encouraged that and encouraged her to do whatever she loved,” he said.

The Wiggle added that they’ve had drums since she was a child, which has helped her develop her creativity – something he now realizes “not all families do”.

The Wiggles at sunrise. Credit: Sunrise

“We let her find her own way, but it was a nice surprise for me and also for Lucia,” he said.

Anthony said he toured so much throughout Lucia’s childhood that “making up for lost time, getting to know her on the road” was special.

Lucia added that it had been a “big surprise”, something she wouldn’t have expected at the start of the year.

This isn’t the first time she’s worked with the band, appearing when she was much younger as a music box dancer.

‘So proud’

Lucia announced she would be joining the group in August, posting the exciting news in a moving video.

The TikTok started with a throwback photo of her as a kid with Anthony and Wiggles character Dorothy the Dinosaur.

“I never would have believed you if 16 years ago you told me I would be here,” she captioned the video.

Anthony and Lucia Field. Credit: ICT Tac

Anthony Field’s daughter is joining the Wiggles.

Anthony Field’s daughter is joining the Wiggles.

Lucia was then seen in ‘uniform’, showing off her ballet moves in front of a Wiggles panel.

Her famous dad later reposted the video to Instagram, writing, “So proud.”

The 17-year-old graduated from high school last year, with Anthony sharing a photo from formal school at the time.

“Lucia graduated!!!!” he captioned the sweet father-daughter photo.

Anthony Field attends Lucia’s ball. Credit: instagram

Field is the last original member of the beloved Australian band which formed in 1991.

Former members Greg Page (yellow), Murray Cook (red) and Jeff Fatt (purple) all retired in 2012.

They were replaced by “new Wiggles” Simon Pryce, Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie.

In 2021, with the departure of Watkins, the band announced an expanded line-up after Field expressed a desire to include more diversity.

The new members of the Wiggles. Credit: YouTube/ The Wiggles

Four new members joined – Evie Ferris, Kelly Hamilton, Tsehay Hawkins and John Pearce.

During his career with the Wiggles, Field is known for his smiley face and signature dance moves.

But in November 2021, he shared another side of himself, reminding adults in particular that it’s “normal to cry”.

The Australian artist has shared details of his long battle with depression and why he is so passionate about men’s mental health.

“You might think bottling is a brave thing to do, but letting it out is even braver,” the Wiggles founder told Canberra Weekly.

“Men’s health has never been more important.” Credit: Instagram / anthony_wiggle

“How can you be sad? »

“It’s sensational! I’ve seen men approach me now, knowing I’m receptive, to tell me how they feel.

“It has to become normal for a man to talk about depression to another man.

“No one ever knows what another person is going through unless they talk about it.

“I might have a big smile on my face, but behind closed doors I would struggle – and that’s whoever.

“Years ago my brother laughed at me when I said I felt so sad and didn’t know why.

Anthony Field’s mother plays with The Wiggles

Anthony Field’s mother plays with The Wiggles

“’How can you be sad? You are popular, you are successful. I get it, but sometimes it’s just the chemistry inside your brain.

“No matter how good things seem, you can still be sad. We talked about it well. »

Field explained how playing with The Wiggles was a tool to “stop him from spiraling.”

Always smiling: Anthony waving to crowds on the Gold Coast in 2006. Credit: Paul Broben/Getty Images

“I never had a problem on stage, never, never,” he said.

On Instagram, Field asked his followers to “encourage the men in your life to seek out a companion, a professional, someone to talk to, or just take some time out to have a good cry.”

Field’s battle with mental health issues began in his early 20s while working as an elementary school teacher.

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John Farnham has been diagnosed with cancer.

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