Nicki Minaj Just Called Jessie J On Twitter About ‘Bang Bang’


When it comes to iconic celebrity feuds, there’s been a fair share, from Kim Cattrall vs. Sarah Jessica Parker to Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift. Now it looks like we’re seeing the birth of a whole new one, after Nicki Minaj just called Jessie J on Twitter.

It all started when Jessie J opened up to Charm about how his track ‘Bang Bang’ was born. ICYMI, the hit hit was released in 2014 and also featured Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

Speaking of the song, Jessie said: “‘Bang Bang’ was a song that already existed. I didn’t write ‘Bang Bang’. Max Martin wrote ‘Bang Bang’ and Ariana had played it, I did it. ‘had played, and we both loved it. “

She continued, “We just said, ‘Why don’t we both do it?’ So Ariana stayed on the second verse, I recorded the first verse, then Nicki played it in the studio and said, “I have to jump on it.” We didn’t go to her to ask her, she wanted it. do.”

“I’ll never forget: I was in my room in my flat in London, and they sent me the version with Nicki on it. How the fuck did I end up that? ‘ I literally felt like I had won a competition, ”she added.

Nicki, Jessie and Ariana performing the song at the American Music Awards in 2014.

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But it turns out Nicki wasn’t too happy with Jessie’s version of events and quickly took to Twitter to give her side of the story.

“Baby @JessieJ, I didn’t hear the song and didn’t ask to participate. The label asked me to listen to it and paid me [sic]”Nicki tweeted.

She continued, “How would I have heard the song? [sic]”

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