Panasonic Connect launches rugged Toughbook 40 laptop


Panasonic Connect this week announced the launch of the Toughbook 40, the most capable device in the family of fully rugged laptops, featuring LTE-Advanced and CBRS connectivity, and lighter overall weight, despite a touchscreen 14 inches taller. than the previous model in the Toughbook line.

Along with all of its enhanced performance features, the Toughbook 40 is the first Toughbook device to achieve an IP66 rating, according to Aidan Clifford, national sales manager for Panasonic Connect, which is a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

“This is our first IP66-rated laptop, and it has all the same extreme certifications you’d expect from a Toughbook, like MIL-STD-810H and Class 1, Division 2 – being certified for use in areas flammable – and at extreme temperatures. [operate at temperatures] down to -20 or up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. said Clifford during an interview with IWCE Urgent Communications.

Craig Jackowski, head of Panasonic Connect’s product management group, noted that the Toughbook 40’s ability to operate in such a wide temperature range is important to its targeted consumers, including front-line personnel in the public security, military and public services.

“It gets damn hot in a vehicle when that vehicle is baking in the sun in Arizona or Florida or any of those really hot states,” Jackowski said in an interview with IWCE Urgent Communications. “We also have customers in Alaska, Wisconsin and other incredibly cold regions. They don’t have the luxury of getting into the vehicle, opening the Toughbook and not having it work as expected.

“It’s absolutely our toughest ever, in terms of durability.”

Even when used in these extreme environments, the Toughbook 40 is designed to deliver unprecedented performance for a fully rugged device, powered by 11and gen Intel Core i5 or i7 vPro that enable support for integrated graphics, such as Iris Xe Graphics, Clifford said.

Jackowski said the Toughbook 40 supports LTE-Advanced services delivered on Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) 3.5 GHz carrier bands and frequencies – supporting data rate speeds of up to 2 Gbps – and a model supporting 5G services will be available in the near future.

“This particular device is launching right now with advanced 4G and CBRS capabilities,” Jackowski said. “Our 5G version will be available later this year, [supporting] both millimeter and sub-6GHz [spectrum] with AT&T and Verizon.

As with other recent Toughbook devices, the Toughbook 40 supports high-speed connectivity on the 700 MHz Band 14 spectrum for FirstNet.

The Toughbook 40 laptops are expected to start shipping this summer, as early as late June, with a base suggested retail price of $4,899, according to Jackowski.

While Panasonic Connect is not immune to supply chain factors that have impacted the global economy, the fact that the Toughbook 40 has been in development for over two years and all manufacturing is performed within Panasonic in Japan, supply chain issues are not expected to be problematic in the close team, Jackowski said.

Entities purchasing Toughbook 40 laptops can customize and update the device by making changes to eight in-device module areas and 20 accessories, resulting in over 6,000 potential configurations for the Toughbook 40. However, Panasonic Connect officials have noted that one aspect that cannot be changed on the devices is the internal modem, so direct connectivity options are limited to those selected at purchase.

Anthony Mungiello, senior laptop product manager at Panasonic Connect, said some features of the Toughbook 40 include better heat dissipation, better graphics capabilities, a larger touchscreen and an updated docking platform with updated connectors.

“This device is physically larger than the previous device – the old device had a 13-inch screen [display] and this has a 14 inch [display]”, Mungiello said during an interview with IWCE Urgent Communications. “What’s impressive is that we were able to make it bigger but make it 1.2 pounds lighter and three-quarters of an inch thinner than the last generation.”

In addition to these capabilities, the Toughbook 40 is backed by company service and support, according to Jackowski.

“You don’t just buy a piece of hardware from Toughbook; you buy a relationship,” Jackowski said.


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