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Migues intends to continue providing business credit to entrepreneurs. What is a Migues? This is a union consisting of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. For the continuation of these unions, support from the Dutch government is important.

This appears after research of the Migues itself. With a Migues for entrepreneurs, the economy in provinces and municipalities can be stimulated.

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Entrepreneurs can continue to use credits provided by Migues Groningen. The union also guides entrepreneurs in addition to granting credits. The Migues was established in Groningen during the economic crisis. It was particularly difficult for many entrepreneurs to take out a business loan with the bank. Small business can apply online at Payday Loans Helpers

Providing credit to entrepreneurs must go hand in hand with coaching

He is the chairmen of the union for entrepreneurs in Groningen. He praises the strength of the Migues, but also highlights the need for it. For example, entrepreneurs who receive a credit are coached through the union by another experienced entrepreneur. With a business credit through the bank , the entrepreneur has to find out everything himself. That does not always work well.

How does a Migues work?

Are you an entrepreneur and do you need financing so that your company can grow? Or are you a starter and do you need a loan to get your business off the ground? Then you can of course borrow money from the bank. But that is not without risk. In the case of a Migues (the Netherlands has several Miguess, spread across the country), in addition to credit you also receive guidance from an experienced entrepreneur. A union is seen as an addition to the existing credit system.

Maximum business loan is 250,000 euros

The union is in reality a cooperative and this consists of both creditors and borrowers. They are all entrepreneurs and members of the cooperative. Self-employed people can not become a member. You must be an entrepreneur from small and medium-sized businesses. The maximum business loan is 250,000 euros. You can borrow at least 50,000 euros. Since 2014, the cooperative in Groningen has provided a total of 10 loans of an average of 100,000 euros to entrepreneurs.

Members receive dividend

Members can deposit money in a central greenhouse. They receive a dividend on that amount if the union achieves a positive result over a financial year (on the funds that have been invested). Which entrepreneur gets a credit, that is decided by the board of the cooperative.