Pixel Watch retail price and colors leak ahead of event


Last month, a 9to5Google report based on information obtained from a credible source all but confirmed the price of the LTE version of the highly anticipated Pixel Watch. This source revealed that we’re looking at an asking price of $399 for the LTE-equipped version of the watcha price that puts it somewhere between the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE and the 41mm cellular version of the new Apple Watch Series 8.

Now, new report from another source 9to5 in the retail space, not only corroborated the $399 price on the Pixel Watch with LTE, but also revealed the price of the Bluetooth/WiFi model and the colorways that will be available for both options. In the retail images provided by the source, we can see that the The WiFi version of the Pixel Watch will cost $349.99which will only cost $50 less than the LTE version.

In addition, we see the different lists corresponding to the colors of the watch itself and the watch straps, which for the LTE watch are: black/obsidian, silver/anthracite and gold/hazelnut, the first color referring to the watch and the second to the bracelet. We also see the same colors for the WiFi version which are: black/obsidian, silver/chalk and gold/hazelnut. The star here being the Silver watch which will come with contrasting band colors – Chalk vs Charcoal – depending on the version of the watch. The Lemongrass band color we’ve seen in many of the marketing materials posted to I/O doesn’t appear to be part of the in-box retail offering, but may be part of additional watch bands Google is working on.

In terms of price, I think Google is walking a fine line here.. The competition the Pixel Watch will face is pretty strong with the WiFi version of the latest Apple Watch retailing for just $50 more than Google’s and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE at $339 for the version. 42mm smaller. I have no doubt that for some the Pixel Watch will be a better looking option than the Galaxy Watch, but with rumors that it has an older, less efficient Exynos 9110 chip, one would be forgiven for pausing before hitting that “Buy” button.

While we still don’t have a full picture of what the Pixel Watch will be in terms of performance and software features, I think the Pixel Watch will have to wow critics before it can sell the way I imagine Google wants it to without reducing the profits of its Fitbit devices. As fans of Google devices here, we tend to buy Google hardware because we like the Google software experience and feel like we’re part of an ecosystem. However, I fear that at this price, this device that Google hardware enthusiasts have been clamoring for will become too niche for the everyday consumer to consider buying.

Hope I’m wrong though, and that the Pixel Watch turns out to be such a great experience to use, and the performance with a four-year-old chip aided by a co-processor and an insane amount of RAM blows everyone out of the water. I have high hopes for this watch and, despite the price, I will definitely buy one on launch day with the Pixel 7.


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