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Peloton strikes a deal with Amazon

Researchers consistently find additional benefits from exercise. Earlier this year, The hill reported that exercise can support “inflammation that leads to high blood sugar and the development and progression of diabetes and clinical depression,” which is a symptom of long COVID-19.

In a groundbreaking move, Peloton announced that, for the first time, the company would partner with another retailer to help expand its customer base. Starting today, you can buy Peloton gear and apparel on Amazon.

In this article: Original Peloton Bike, Platoon guide and Peloton Bike Mat

A brief history of the Peloton

Peloton Interactive was founded ten years ago. After raising nearly $4 million in seed capital throughout 2012, the company sold its first bike for $1,500 on Kickstarter in 2013. A year later, the company released its first connected bike to Internet. This revolutionary idea allowed people to take studio-quality lessons at home. There was an explosion in sales. The Peloton bike has become so popular that the brand name has become synonymous with the product, much like tissues are called Kleenex.

Over the next few years, the beloved fitness company grew. He released a treadmill, weight training accessories, fitness apparel and more. A brand once known for its innovative exercise bikes has become a comprehensive yet exclusive one-stop-shop for everything you need to train at home.

A long series of small problems have plagued the company

In 2019, the company had its first wave of trouble for using copyrighted music without proper sync licenses in its videos. Then, a controversial ad that was meant to be a celebration of personal accomplishment was interpreted by some as superficial. Additionally, a few major TV show storylines portrayed Peloton in a less than flattering light, which created even more problems for the company.

Peloton’s difficulties translated into savings for the client

While the high quality of Peloton’s products never diminished, the constant struggles ultimately took their toll on the company. This caused major upheavals which culminated in the resignation of CEO John Foley from his post earlier this year. This began a period of Peloton testing new price structures. The consumer was entitled to purchasing options that could lead to savings of several hundred dollars. Even better, starting today, Peloton products are available on Amazon. This partnership is a trial run for the company, but if successful, it could open the doors to deep discounts and superior service that Amazon is known for.

The best Peloton products you can find on Amazon today

Original Peloton Bike

It’s the game-changing cardio bike that Peloton is known for. It has everything you need to have a high-end studio training experience in your own home.

Sold by Amazon

Best Platoon Guide

Platoon guide

Strength training is essential to any fitness program. This AI-enabled device uses state-of-the-art technology to create an ideal strength training program for you.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Altos Cycling Shoe

Peloton Altos Cycling Shoe

To get the best workout on your Peloton bike, you need the right pair of shoes. These lightweight offerings quickly clip onto your pedals so you can get the most out of your workout.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Cycling Shoes

Peloton Cycling Shoes

This second option for cycling shoes features three adjustable straps so you can get a secure fit in seconds. They are priced slightly lower than the Altos cycling shoe.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Heart Rate Band

Peloton heart rate band

The wireless Peloton heart rate band gives you an instant assessment of your exercise intensity. It has a comfortable fit and offers up to 10 hours of battery life.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Bike Mat

Peloton Bike Mat

It is best to place a mat under your bike to keep it in place and secure and to protect your floor. This mat measures 72 inches by 36 inches to give you plenty of room to position your bike.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Reversible Training Mat

Peloton Reversible Training Mat

Just like your bike, it’s best if you train on a treadmill. Whatever your workout preference, this mat is sturdy enough to provide a long-lasting cushion.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Dumbbells

Peloton Dumbbells

Besides bikes, Peloton has dumbbells. The square design of these weights means they will never roll away when you put them down.

Sold by Amazon

Best lightweights in the peloton

Platoon Lightweights

For a lighter workout, these weights are ideal. They have a sweat-resistant grip and come in 1-pound, 2-pound, or 3-pound options.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Glass Water Bottle

Peloton Glass Water Bottle

Peloton’s Glass Water Bottle keeps your water pure while you train. The non-slip silicone sleeve helps protect your bottle from minor damage.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Yoga Blocks

Peloton Yoga Blocks

You can literally step up your yoga game with these EVA foam yoga blocks. Use them to modify your poses if necessary.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Yoga Strap

Peloton Yoga Strap

This 6ft adjustable yoga strap is used to increase your range of motion and build your confidence. It is made of durable nylon with corrosion resistant zinc alloy rings.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Women's Tulip Run Shorts

Peloton Women’s Tulip Running Shorts

These 4 inch women’s shorts feature a zipper closure and are made of 86% polyester and 14% spandex.

Sold by Amazon

Men's Best Peloton Lined Torino Shorts

Men’s Turin Peloton Lined Shorts

The classic, easy fit of these 8-inch shorts ensures a comfortable workout for men.

Sold by Amazon

Cadent Women's Best Peloton Shorts

Women’s Cadent Peloton Shorts

If you prefer a snug fit while working out, these women’s 7 inch shorts are seamless to provide a snug, comfortable fit against your skin.

Sold by Amazon

Best Cadent Peloton Sports Bra for Women

Peloton Cadent Women’s Sports Bra

Support is crucial when exercising. This sports bra has removable pads, a scoop neckline and an open back for a close fit.

Sold by Amazon

Men's Best Peloton Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Peloton Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Sometimes all you want is a classic workout tee with a floaty fit. This offer gives you exactly that.

Sold by Amazon

Best Peloton Core Sweat Towel Set

Peloton Core Sweat Towel Set

If you do it right, you will sweat. These absorbent towels will keep you dry after your workout is over.

Sold by Amazon

Best Standard Peloton Headband

Peloton standard headband

Nothing can stop a workout faster than sweat in your eyes. This one size headband will prevent that.

Sold by Amazon

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