Professional packager of the loan buyback



 You have acquired your professional Intermediary in Banking Operations and Payment Services through your professional seniority, or you hold the diploma validating the professional capacity of IOBSP, and you wish to distribute credit redemption banking products while benefiting from of the reputation of a company expert in redemption of credits whose brand image is very present on web? Integrate the MIOBSP Financial family!

Privileged network MIOB Financial family 

Privileged network MIOB Financial family 

By integrating the Financial family, you become an intermediary agent in banking operations of the Financial family, which allows you to benefit from all the necessary benefits to develop your turnover.

This is a tripartite contract that gives you access through Financial family to the mandates of the largest banks specializing in credit restructuring.

As a true business facilitator, Financial family puts at your disposal all of its know-how and expertise in the field of loan redemption instruction for individuals. Everything is done to boost your business and contribute to the successful transformation of your files with our banking partners.

A true professional in the credit buy-out, your partner Financial family is a keen advocate for your clients’ interests with the largest banks in the specialized loan pooling market. With 11 years of experience analyzing and submitting loan buy-backs from the largest specialized banks, your Financial family advisor can reduce the risk by optimizing favorable opinions for your client files!

Have the reflex Financial family 

Have the reflex Financial family 

By having the reflex Financial family, you benefit from a network on a human scale in which the exchange between professionals is the strength in a very competitive market. MIOBSPs maintain their independence while benefiting from a strong brand image in the credit buyback market.

MIOBSP: Why choose Financial family?

  • Assumption of your files by an analyst expert in credit redemption and whose professional seniority is more than 10 years.
  • A thorough knowledge of the standards of banking partners coupled with many years of experience offers the advantage to your partner Financial family to know all facets of the business.
  • An optimized conversion rate of the files presented in the bank thanks to a thorough analysis of the needs of your customers upstream.