Reaction to the death of former NFL coach Dan Reeves


Reaction to the death of longtime NFL coach and player Dan Reeves: “Legendary NFL player and coach Dan Reeves has passed away…

Reaction to the death of longtime NFL coach and player Dan Reeves:

Legendary NFL player and coach Dan Reeves passed away peacefully and surrounded by his loving family at his home in Atlanta, Ga. Early this morning at the age of 77 due to complications from dementia . His legacy will continue through his many friends, players and fans as well as the rest of the NFL community. – Statement from the Reeves family.

“Dan was a winner. I owe him a lot – he was instrumental in my career and growth as a quarterback. We’ve been able to win a lot of football games together, compete in three Super Bowls, and compete at a high level every year. With Dan, you knew you were going to be in every game. You always had a chance with him by your side. As a head coach Dan was tough but fair. I respected him for that. We might not always have agreed, but at the end of the day we won a lot of games together. Looking back, what I like about Dan is how he gradually led me to help me reach my potential. – Former Broncos quarterback John Elway, now the team’s football operations chief.

“Dan Reeves has had a legendary NFL career as a player and coach. He left an indelible mark on the league and on everyone he has played, coached and worked with. He was one of the best men I have ever known in this field. – New York Giants co-owner and CEO John Mara.

“Dan Reeves leaves a lasting legacy in our game as a player and coach. His decades-long record of success in Dallas, Denver, New York and Atlanta speaks for itself, marking a long and successful life and career in football. – Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons.

“He taught us to be men. When I got there, we were still staying at the hotel (the day before the home games). He told us, ‘You are grown men, you have to know what to do to take care of yourself.’ So when he got there, we stayed at home, in our own house. –Former Giants running back Rodney Hampton.

“Boy! I will miss DR, a first class human and a great trainer. My thoughts and prayers are with Pam, her family. A family man first. Respect and love, RIP Coach Reeves! – The Elder Falcons running back Jamal Anderson.

“I am saddened to learn of the passing of my beloved trainer Dan Reeves. He was a wonderful husband, father and mentor to so many people. I loved him as a father and I will truly miss him. My prayers accompany them. his family during that time. I love you, Coach. – Former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

“Inducted into the Broncos’ Ring of Fame in 2014, Reeves led the Broncos as a head coach from 1981 to 1992 and helped make the franchise a lifelong contender. With competitiveness, consistency and a style all his own, he’s guided the Broncos to three Super Bowl appearances, five AFC West titles and six playoff spots. … Reeves coached the Broncos with integrity, character and tenacity as well as a genuine appreciation for his players and coaches. – Denver Broncos statement.

Sad to hear of Dan Reeves passing. Amazing career in professional football. I’m so glad I got to know him here in Atlanta and so grateful for the kindness he always has towards my boys when we see him Saturday mornings grab bagels. ”“ Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

“When you look at everything Dan has done in this league with all the successes, all the Super Bowls and all the wins, I don’t think there is any question of him being in the Professional Football Hall of Fame. that he was able to do – bring two different teams to four Super Bowls and go to nine Super Bowls in total – is incredible. It shows just how huge an impact he has been in this league, not just as a coach, but also as a player. ”“ Elway.

“Coming in we heard a lot about Dan Reeves, like that he was a tough coach and this and that. Then he got there, and he was totally different. He was a player coach. He was amazing. He took care of me. He would understand that I can’t lift all the weights and that I can’t do all of that while running in training. He would always say, ‘Hey, you do what you have to do on Sunday, and I’ll take care of you during the week.’ – Hampton.

“Dan Reeves was a great person! I loved him and I miss him already. –Longtime NFL coach Wade Phillips, who succeeded Reeves as coach of the Broncos and served as an interim coach after Reeves was sacked in Atlanta.


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