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San Francisco: After malware erased all data from some users’ devices, Western Digital (WD) advised customers who use its My Book Live and My Book Live Duo products to disconnect from the Internet.

In a statement on its community forum, WD said some My Book Live devices had been compromised by malware, which led to a factory reset that wiped out the data, The Straits Times reported.

“We understand that our customers’ data is very important. At this time, we recommend that you disconnect your My Book Live from the internet to protect your data on the device,” the company said.

“We are actively investigating and will provide updates to this thread as they become available,” he added.

On Thursday, a number of users initiated discussions on the WD community forum indicating that they could not access their data.

One of those threads received more than 150 responses within a day of posting, including from users who said they had lost years of photos, documents and data.

Some posted user logs showing their devices had been restored to factory settings, while others said the passwords they used to access the drive no longer worked.

My Book Live, launched in 2010, is a network-connected personal storage device that allows users to access their files from different devices connected to the same network or remotely over the Internet.

The product received its last firmware update in 2015, which means it is no longer supported by the manufacturer. It is also no longer available on the WD online store.

In a separate statement, WD said there was no indication of a breach or compromise of its cloud services or systems, according to the report.


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