Rich the Kid’s New Song With Kanye West Could Be a Stem Player Exclusive


Kanye West released his Stem Player device to reinvent the way people consume music. Now rapper Rich the Kid is teaming up with Ye for a new venture involving the Stem Player.

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Kanye West released his Stem Player device in 2021

While the Stem Player received increased attention in early 2022, the device actually made its debut in 2021. The tiny device was created in collaboration with electronics startup Kano Computing, and gives listeners the ability to break songs down and isolate various parts, such as vocals or melody.

Available for $200, the Stem Player is not limited to Kanye West music. You can load all the songs you have downloaded to the device and listen to them for free.

Rich the kid

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Rich the Kid wants to release a song on the Stem Player

Rapper Rich the Kid is one of the proponents of the Stem Player as a way for artists to release music. In February 2022, he shared a video on Instagram of himself playing with a Stem Player.

But he wasn’t playing a Kanye West song; it was his own voice, accompanied by West’s. He revealed that it was a collaboration they worked on together, and he mentioned the idea of ​​posting it on the Stem Player in the caption of the video. “Should I drop the new song from me and @kanyewest on the Stem player!?!” He asked.

The caption was later changed, with fans in the comments pleading for him to release the song on streaming platforms.

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Kanye West’s ‘Donda 2’ Album Is A Stem Player Exclusive

If Rich the Kid released his collab Kanye West on the Stem Player, it won’t be the first music to be limited exclusively to the device. West’s latest album 2 is only available to listen on the device.

Kano co-founder Alex Klein spoke about the company’s mission and West’s vision in an interview with GQ. “You really saw what it was basically. It’s about transparency, simplicity, and the fact that anyone can understand the technology, not just use it. And do something themselves with it rather than just taking it for granted,” Klein said. “I think it started a creative collaboration and a friendship.”

While the $200 price tag is a significant hurdle for fans to clear, Klein thought it was an investment in the future of music.

“Remember, you’re not spending $200 on just one album. You’re spending $200 on a revolutionary device that lets you listen to music in a whole new way with stem separation, and lets you mix and make music on the go,” he said. he declares. “You’re also spending that $200 to be part of a community that wants to change technology and music for the better. On top of that you get 2, which has enormous value. So I think that’s a really important thing to point out.

“You get something revolutionary,” he continued. “You get a first-generation tech product that has the best reviews for a first-gen tech product than anything we’ve seen in a decade, maybe since the original iPhone.”


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