Richard Marx discovers a song he wrote with Keith Urban


Richard Marx, child of jingle singer Ruth Marx, in a recent interview explained how Keith Urban lost interest in a song they co-wrote. Marx and Urban have been friends for a long time. But Marx, 59, still struggles to understand his 55-year-old friend and musical partner. Marx, a pop music icon, revealed how he got to know the country music legend’s style. Urban certainly has an interesting personality.


Songwriting relationship between Marx and Urban

According to Richard Marx in the interview, Keith Urban can be totally unpredictable whenever they write a song together. Marx revealed that Urban can be thrilled with a song on Monday and be out of it on Wednesday. An interesting personality that Urban possesses.

Amid laughs, Marx admitted that his Golden Globe-nominated friend can go from being the greatest song written by two people to having no interest in the song at all. Mark, an American songwriter, is already used to Urban’s behavior when working with him. In his words:

“So I’m used to the sort of bipolar thing that happens when I write with him.”

This won’t be the first time that Richard Marx and Keith Urban have written a song together. The friends have seen better days together in Urban hit songs like “Better Life,” “Everybody” and the unforgettable “Long Hot Summer.” However, Urban did not host a particular song which is currently on Marx’s anticipated album, Songwriterdue September 30.

The song written by Richard Marx and Keith Urban will premiere

Richard Marx has an unmentioned song he wrote with Keith Urban that is scheduled to premiere this Friday exclusively on PEOPLE. According to Marx, they began writing the song in Urban’s house at 10 a.m., and two hours and thirty minutes later they were almost done.

The song, An extra day, barely saw the light of day as Urban lamented being hungry while writing. And he hates everything when he’s hungry. A few days later, he was no longer in the song, just like that. The nearly finished song remained on Marx’s device until he listened to it later.

Richard Marx then decided to contact Keith Urban, informing him that he wanted to release the song they co-wrote. Urban replied that although the song sounds good, he doesn’t seem to remember it. Marx said Urban almost didn’t believe they could write something so good together.


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