Seven albums that were stuck in development hell


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Revisit seven albums stuck in limbo for years or still to this day!

We’re pretty lucky these days, with most of our favorite artists and bands constantly releasing new music, because the behind-the-scenes access that social media provides further enhances the connection we feel.

But some unhappy fans had to wait a little longer for their favorite bands’ next album. Today we dive into some of the builds that were stuck in development hell for a while, or continue to be there today.

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Ship – Eiffel 65

Italian dance trio Eiffel 65 have captured a lot of attention with their unique blend of hip-hop and Italian influences. The group earned a Grammy nomination for their hit “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”, the track you’ve definitely danced to once or twice in your life.

The band broke up in 2005, two years after releasing their last self-titled album. The group reunited in 2010, and since then there’s been a lot of talk about their new album. Spatialship, but there’s still been no word on the release.

Inoculum of Fear – Tool

They have since released this album, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

Rockers Tool is no stranger to perfectionism, working to create the most original heavy metal music in the industry. Back in 2014, fans were angry at the lack of a new release from the band. Due to a contentious lawsuit, the band was unable to release a new album, working on it for years until its release in 2019.

Look outside your window – Noose

I bet you didn’t know this one, everyone’s favorite masked metallers have an album in development hell.

Back when the band was recording their popular 2008 album All hope is lost, four members of Slipknot (Corey Taylor, Jim Root, Shawn Crahan and Sid Wilson) recorded a cooler hard rock album called Look outside your window.

There was a release scheduled for 2020, but it has since been moved due to COVID-19, and as of 2022 there is no new release date despite the announcement of their next album slated for release late. september.

I/O – Pierre Gabriel

Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel had a prolific solo career, with his 1986 release “Sledgehammer” reaching the top of the charts in many places around the world.

The artist worked on I/O since 1995, and would still be working on it in 2022. Every year since 2000, the artist has been asked about it and has been actively working on it for more than two decades. A few singles came out of it, including “This is Party Man” and “The Veil”.

There is no set release date.

Chinese democracy – Guns N’ Roses

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no doubt that Guns N’ Roses are arguably one of the most prolific rock bands of our time.

After longtime members left, Axl Rose sent the band in a new direction, focusing on sounds with a more industrial rock vibe. After the departure of all their Use your illusion and appetite for destruction members of the group, the group went through 12 different members, using each of them throughout the nine-year recording process through development hell.

Detox – Dr.Dre

The king of hip hop had a big impact on the music world, starting the careers of many of the rappers we know and love today.

He has an album stuck in development hell, called Detox. Long considered his “last album”, Detox was first announced in 2002, and like many of the other albums on the list, the following years saw Dr. Dre teasing its release through references in songs, tweets, and interviews. Dr Dre released an album in 2015, titled Straight outta Compton, always without reference to Detox Release.

Untitled – Kraftwerk

Pioneers of the electronic genre, Kraftwerk last released an album in 2003, Tour de France soundtracks.

Since then there have been many references to a further release, with longtime member Ralf Hütter stating in 2012 that a new album would be released “soon”. Since that time, the band has had a number of line-up changes, casting doubt on the possibility of new music.

Smile Sessions – beach boys

One of the key elements of an album being in development hell is perfectionism. An artist gets no love from his album and ends up working on it for a long time. Arguably one of the greatest perfectionists in the music world is Brian Wilson, former lead songwriter of The Beach Boys.

Recorded over a six-year period from 1965 to 1971, the album was stuck in development hell for about 40 years. The original album Smile could not be completed, so the various stems and lines from the sessions were collected and brought together, and an album of the session was created, aptly titled The Smile Sessions.

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