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Skullcandy announced today during Amazon’s Alexa Live event that it is partnering with Native Voice – a voice service provider for hardware devices – to make multiple voice assistants available on upcoming models of its headphones. Push Active and Grind Series.

These headphones will support Amazon Alexa and “Hey Skullcandy” wake words. Skullcandy unveiled its voice assistant last year with limited functionality to control song play/pause, control volume, skip tracks, and accept/reject calls. Now, on select headphone models, you’ll be able to use Skullcandy’s own assistant to control playback and Alexa to issue other smart commands like find a song, get weather info, or set a reminder.

In May, Sonos unveiled its own voice assistant for a range of speakers to control and even play songs on select services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and Pandora. But you can also add other assistants like Amazon Alexa for other smart controls. While you can use Sonos voice control from Sono with Alexa simultaneously on the same speaker, Google Assistant doesn’t have the same capability. you can only invoke the driving assistance device of Pioneer NP1 also supports dual assistants.

During its Alexa Live event, Amazon announced future features such as Universal Device Commands (UDC) to invoke a command from any compatible assistant on the device and Agent Transfers (AT) to transfer requests for one assistant to another. These are some of the features that will make it easier for customers to use multiple assistants on one device without worrying about remembering the specific features and limitations of a voice assistant.

Additionally, the company bundles the Alexa Smart Screen SDK and AVS Device SDK under a single SDK called Alexa Voice Service (AVS) SDK 3.0 to enable multi-modal experiences on smart devices.


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