Songs performed at V’s injury, all the highlights here


‘BTS Permission To Dance On Stage, this weekend, will feature the performance of a seven-piece act on a scale equivalent to an offline concert.

18:39 IST, October 24, 2021

V tells ARMYs not to worry about his leg injury

Speaking to the ARMYs about his injury, V said: “This was our first try. We wanted to show everything. We won’t miss 7. I was fine yesterday, but suddenly developed pain ( my legs). I am not crazy. (I have) iron legs! …. “He added:” Next time I will take care of myself, I will get better soon, and so that I could do better on the rest of the tour. “


17:28 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS concludes concert with “Permission to Dance”

BTS ended their gig with their English single “Permission to Dance”. They urged the ARMYs to wait for them until they can meet in person after the pandemic.


17:14 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS members turn to ARMYs to finish

BTS express their sense of loneliness in the absence of their fans. RM and J-Hope promised to meet the ARMY soon and said they looked forward to them like a ‘Spring day’.


16:56 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS concert comes to an end, the group performs a medley of their best hits

BTS ‘Permission To Dance On Stage concert is coming to an end. The group performed songs from 2016 such as’ I Need U ‘, & Save Me’. They also performed ‘Idol’.


4:35 p.m. IST, October 24, 2021

BTS performs sickness, telepathy and stay

BTS performs Dis-ease from their “Be Album”. The song had resonated strongly with the ARMYs as it spoke about the band’s own profession and the feeling of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic


4:32 PM IST, October 24, 2021

BTS Performs “Butter” With Special Dance Break

BTS gave their English single “Butter” a new twist by adding a dance break.


16:07 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS brings a new flavor to their classics

The K-pop group performed their best hits – “Life Goes On”, “Boy with Luv” and “Dynamite”


15:54 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS performs short BST medley, Fake Love

BTS performed a short medley of Blood Sweat & Tears and Fake Love during their “Permission To Dance On Stage” concert.


15:47 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS Performs Powerful Take on ‘Black Swan’

BTS performed a powerful rendition of ‘Black Swan’. Due to V’s injury, the band gave him space during the choreography.


15:36 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS performs DNA, Blue & Gray on stage

BTS performs DNA during their “Permission To Dance On Stage” concert, followed by a gentle rendition of “Blue & Gray” from their fifth Korean-language studio album, Be (2020).


15:19 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS welcomes ARMYs and V to skip performances due to injury

V will not play due to his calf injury. He will be seated at today’s concert and will not participate in dance performances.


15:08 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS opens concert with dynamic performances

BTS begins their gig with a live performance of ON: Kinetic Manifesto Film and their hit song “Fire.”


15:01 IST, October 24, 2021

Here are the BTS concert schedules in India, UK and US

  1. India: October 24, 3:00 p.m. India Standard Time (IST)
  2. UK: October 24 at 10:30 a.m. British Summer Time (BST)
  3. New York, United States: October 24 at 5:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

15:01 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS “Permission to Dance On Stage” virtual concert: how to watch?

Ahead of the concert online, the band released a detailed guide on how to watch the concert with links to purchased tickets. Fans around the world can head to to watch the show. Fans with purchased tickets can connect up to two devices to watch the concert online. For viewers with 4K ticket passes, make sure the viewing device supports 4K streaming and an internet connection with a minimum of 20 Mbps. All devices must be running MAC OS 10.12 + / Windows 7 + / Android 8 + / iOS 13.6 + / Chrome 70 + / Safari 13.1.2 / Firefox 39 + / Edge 42+.


15:01 IST, October 24, 2021

BTS Permission To Dance On Stage concert kicks off shortly

“BTS Permission To Dance On Stage will be BTS’s first global online concert in about a year, according to Yonhap. Fans who are super excited to witness the famous group’s spectacular performance will see a multi-view live streaming service which will also be available to them to select and enjoy various scenes taken from six different angles in real time, Big reported. Hit. Music. The next online event takes place after the group abandoned their “BTS Map of the Soul Tour” project due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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