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By Claus Hetting, CEO and President of Wi-Fi NOW

IO by HFCL installs a second “PM-WANI village” powered by OpenWiFi in the Indian state of Karnataka

IO by HFCL – one of the main suppliers of Wi-Fi solutions and one of the first suppliers of TIP OpenWiFi compatible equipment – has deployed a second network called “PM-WANI Village”, this time in the village of Baidebattu located in Karnataka in India. State. The network will provide Wi-Fi internet access to some 9,000 residents of the otherwise poorly connected village, according to IO by HFCL. The outdoor network uses OpenWiFi IO by HFCL compatible access point hardware as well as point-to-point radios and solar-powered PoE devices.

The company claims that the network will provide internet access of up to 500 Mbps in all common areas of the village, spread within a radius of 6 km. “HFCL believes this will not only connect the residents of this remote village and provide them with access to all digital services, but also inspire other ISPs and solution providers to collaborate and innovate to meet both. biggest challenges of rural connectivity: affordability and accessibility, ”says the company. IO by HFCL is a NOW Wi-Fi partner.

ON Semiconductor’s Wi-Fi 6 Chipset Powers New Sierra Wireless Routers

The Sierra Wireless XR90 Wi-F 6 multi-network router powered by the ON Semiconductor Wi-Fi 6 platform.

Sierra Wireless has launched two new multi-network routers designed for mission-critical and mission-critical connectivity applications. The routers combine 5G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 operation is powered by ON Semiconductor’s QCS-AX Wi-Fi 6 chipsets. The XR80 and X90 routers intelligently connect devices to the best available network and deliver up to 2.4 Gbps of Wi-Fi throughput on a single band. They must be configured for simultaneous access point and station (device) capacity, says ON Semiconductor in its press release here. The new routers are primarily intended for use with public safety, transit, and utility applications, and are a prime example of how “5G and Wi-Fi 6 converge to deliver high performance and reliable connectivity for mobile business applications, ”said Irvind Ghai, vice president of marketing, wireless connectivity at ON Semiconductor.

Wi-Fi Alliance Releases AFC Reference Model and Test Plan Documents

The AFC feature – first adopted by the FCC and slated for 6 GHz regulation in a number of other countries, including Canada and Korea – is essential to enable standard Wi-Fi operation in the 6 GHz band. To further enable and accelerate adoption of AFC, the Wi-Fi Alliance released two new documents this week: an AFC Reference Model Document and an AFC Device Compliance Test Plan. Both documents can be downloaded by registration at the links indicated.

The AFC is a database retrieval system that has been adopted by the FCC to protect users in place of the 6 GHz band from potential harmful interference due to the operation of a standard Wi-Fi power supply. The AFC scheme has been extensively researched, tested and verified as part of the US allocation of the entire 6 GHz band to Wi-Fi last year. To date, there is no AFC Software-as-a-Service certified operator. For the full Wi-Fi Alliance press release, also check out our syndicated global press release here.

More information on Plume IQ â„¢: Entertainment devices most at risk

Plume IQ â„¢ continues to measure and analyze data from millions of smart homes around the world – and this month’s discovery may surprise a few: The devices most vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks in homes across the globe. United States are actually smart TVs and streaming devices. Cyber ​​attacks on smart TVs in US homes increased 433% from October 2019 to May 2021. See more in the infographic provided by Plume IQ â„¢ to the left – and don’t forget to sign up for Plume Intelligence IQ â„¢ service here.

Smart home platform leader Plume scores two wins in Germany

Meanwhile, Plume – a NOW Wi-Fi partner and one of the world’s leading providers of smart home platforms and services – last week signed two new partners in Germany, including broadband provider par fiber Deutsche Glasfaser Group and BREKO eG, the business platform of one of the leading broadband associations in Germany. To learn more about the new offers, get full details on our Syndicated Global News service here.

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