The Bordeaux producer and rapper musically merges the past and the present


His stage name is Savio but Home Affairs would know him as Dominic Muembo.

This young musical prodigy is a producer and rapper based in Bordeaux.
His “love at first sight” being music, Savio shared how he grew through his first love.
“I was first drawn to music when I was six years old and became particularly interested in the genre of hip hop when I was 13. My journey into music production began in my late teens and has been evolving ever since,” he said.

Dominic Muembo alias Savio is a producer and rapper.

“Being able to produce a wide range of genres from hip hop and R&B to future beats and electronic soul, constant innovation and creative fusion from an eclectic range of genres is part of my creative process. “

He added that he will be releasing his first instrumental EP through established media house Content Create Africa.
“The body of the work will be structured to feel like a listening experience and encapsulate my desire to delve into multiple genres, from life and future soul to afro beat inspired years 70s and 60s-inspired jazz, while incorporating modern grooves to create a fresh mix of old and new.”

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