The “Broadway and Film Music” concert has the crowd singing


Performers at the Broadway concert and film music.

Exhilarating, electrifying and a musical juggernaut, CineMoon Ensemble and members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) “Broadway and Film Music” concert is imaginative art that thrills and happily delights. This grand evening of entertainment takes us to the red carpet, the big screen and some of the most beloved musical classics and modern blockbusters.

The concert highlights the most beloved music from the films Grease, James Bond, Chicago, Aladdin and Mamma Mia! among other things, the Sept. 9 concert at the Pre-University Education Theater in Education City sold out, and lent a jolt of astonishment to family favorites made Hollywood famous.

Nearly 30 songs were featured in the concert, including Louis Prima’s “Sing, Sing Sing” (Barrage); followed by “Mambo” (West Side Story) considered one of the greatest musicals of all time; “Could Have Danced All Night” (My Fair Lady); “Greased Lightnin”, “Summer Nights”, “We Go Together” (Grease); “The Music of the Night” (Phantom of the Opera); “Arabian Nights”, “A Whole New World”, “Friend Like Me” (Aladdin); “And All That Jazz”, “Cell Block Tango”, “Roxie”, “We Both Hit the Gun” (Chicago); “Mamma Mia!”, “Chiquitita”, “Money Money Money” (Mamma Mia); and for the finale – Robert Longfield’s James Bond theme from the films Live and Let Die, Nobody Does It Better, Goldfinger and Skyfall).

The concert is the third installment in the CineMoon Ensemble’s Broadway series. His first concert was in March with the theme “Music Unites” by the United States Air Forces Central Band (AFCENT) at the National Library of Qatar, followed by a performance during the summer in Türkiye in the ancient city of Ephesus. CineMoon is a member of QPO.

The performance was superb, witty and electrifying – it was a resounding success.

Members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra behind the scenes

His first track featured the song “Sing, Sing, Sing” where the audience participated with the orchestra where they scanned the QR codes printed in the program, and together with the band they sang. “It was the first time in a classical concert in Qatar that the audience was also part of the orchestra, and we felt the unity and power of the music,” said Merve Kenet-Bulun, creative supervisor of the concert. Broadway and Film Music and Founder and Director of the CineMoon Ensemble.

“It was such a memorable atmosphere for me as the creator of the show and as a musician to see the full house singing with the singers and accompanied by the wonderful orchestra in some of the chosen pieces. And we had two encores because the public did not want to finish the concert.

Performers include Giovanni Pasini as conductor; Ahmed El Helou, narrator; Fabienne Conrad, vocals; CineMoon Ensemble and members of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Thanks to our conductor Giovanni and our narrator Ahmed, the concert was interactive, and a comedy show with lots of surprises for our audience. As part of the script, the conductor not only conducted the orchestra, but also played, the narrator also sang,” Kenet-Bulun explained.

And, good news for those who missed the concert, another round of performances will take place on October 19 at the National Library of Qatar. Kenet-Bulun revealed that the music will come from films based on novels. “This will include lots of fun with a narrator, we’ll use the screen to talk about the movies and play the soundtracks for the movies based on the novels. Now I’m ordering the sheet music, some will come straight from the US and some will be specially arranged for this concert for CineMoon Ensemble.

Kenet-Bulun, who also plays the viola, is a versatile artist, in addition to being a musician, her greatest passions, according to her, are writing and history. She had recently published a children’s book called “The Curious Desert Dwellers”. “Most of our programs contain a lot of information on the subject we choose. I always try to give explanations to the public, especially young listeners and try to open another dimension to allow them to understand exactly what they are listening to.

“We always try to convey information in a fun way that makes people laugh. During the show, I saw that people felt inside this film.

Lorena Manescu, also founder of CineMoon Ensemble and plays violin with QPO, said: “Our musicians are very competent and committed professionals who together transmit a lot of positive energy. I think participating in our film and broadway music programs will bring audiences closer to the symphony orchestra, and maybe even spark their interest in playing music themselves, especially young audiences.

Manescu also revealed that due to the high demand for this type of music shows, “there will be many more to come in the future.” “We are thrilled to bring together people of all ages, from very different backgrounds and walks of life.”

She explained how music can unite people regardless of their culture. “Music is a very powerful tool that can create a sense of unity between people from different cultures, and reminds us that even though we speak different languages, we all feel inspired by music.”

QPO will perform “Peter and the Wolf” tomorrow

The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) will perform the “Peter and the Wolf” concert tomorrow, Friday 16 September. This musical composition is a “symphonic tale for children” written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936.

The conductor of the concert is Giovanni Pasini, and the narrator – Christoph Schmitz. The concert will take place at the Hamilton International School Theater in Mesaimeer. The ticket price is QR 100 and can be purchased through the QPO website.

“Music stimulates the imagination and creativity, and one of the best pieces to begin one’s journey in classical music is undoubtedly Russian composer Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’,” Pasini told The Peninsula. “Each character in the story is associated with an instrument and a melody, and as the story unfolds, these melodies and instruments interact with each other following the story told by the magnetic Christoph Schmitz . A wonderful opportunity for your children to hear catchy tunes and learn all about the orchestra! “, he continued.

The conductor pointed out that “one of the main tasks of any professional music ensemble anywhere in the world is to educate the younger generation about music and complex musical structures, and QPO is no exception”, and the Peter and the Wolf concert is among the many performances at the Philharmonie that fulfill this duty.

On April 23, 1891, Prokofiev was born in Sontsovska in Ukraine, and his mother, a pianist, gave him his first music lessons. He began writing small piano pieces at the age of six, and by the age of nine he had completed The Giant, a children’s opera which would be followed by three more.

Prokofiev quickly earned a reputation as an anti-romantic composer of bold rhythms and harmonies. He was a pianist prodigy whose playing was marked by passion, strength, great articulation and mastery of striking chords. In pre-revolutionary Russia and subsequently under the Stalinist Soviet Union, he became an acclaimed composer and pianist.


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