The Google Pixel Watch box just leaked – what it reveals


In anticipation of the next launch of the Google Pixel Watch, we’ve already had a pretty good idea of ​​what Google’s first smartwatch looks like. This week we also get a preview of the Pixel Watch box.

A Reddit (opens in a new tab) thread in the r/PixelWatch subreddit recently showed off the packaging of the device that Google hopes to challenge for a spot among the best smartwatches. The leak appears to be from a target in Washington, DC, so it seems likely to be the real deal.

Despite the box’s typically Google aesthetic, there were a few notable features. Especially, 9to5Google (opens in a new tab)who first reported the story, pointed out that “with Fitbit” is located in the lower right corner of the box.

Google Pixel Watch with Fitbit

A leaked photo of the Google Pixel Watch packaging.

(Image credit: xXavi3rx/Reddit)

This integration with Fitbit is remarkable, especially since this is the second time we’ve heard hints of Fitbit’s increased integration with the Google ecosystem. The two brands have remained largely separate since The acquisition of Google for 2.1 billion dollars of the Fitness Tracker brand in 2019. However, last week Google announced that Fitbit will require a Google account for new users from 2023.

Still, while we can now suspect there will be some level of Fitbit integration in the Pixel Watch, it remains to be seen what that integration will actually be. Perhaps the watch’s fitness tracking features will sync with a user’s Fitbit app. If so, it would be the only WearOS smartwatch to boast of such a feature.

The other interesting possibility would be if FitbitPremium members were able to unlock additional Pixel Watch features, such as tracking additional types of workouts, advanced sleep tracking, or increased guided meditation capabilities. This is all just speculation, but it would further entice users to subscribe to the still fairly new service.

Google Pixel Watch: some assembly required

James Tsai's concept design for the much-rumored Pixel Watch

(Image credit: James Tsai)

In reports from 9to5Google, they suggested that the size of the box means the Pixel Watch Straps will not be attached to the watch. After looking at the pictures, this seems like a logical conclusion to make. Google uses a proprietary tape connectorso this seems like a way to make sure users know how single bands work.

Google Pixel Watch: release date

Google Pixel Watch at IO 2022

(Image credit: Google)

While we still don’t technically know when the Google Pixel Watch will debut, all signs point to it appearing sometime in the future. October 6 Google Event. Given that retailers seem to be receiving models already, it would be quite a shock to see the event go and go without an official reveal of Google’s entry into the smartwatch market. That said, at least one rumor suggests the Pixel Watch will ship after the Pixel 7, which is also set to debut at the October 6 event.

Once the Pixel Watch is fully revealed – remember, we got a brief preview of the watch back in the spring – we’ll see how it compares to the competition. Apple has just launched three new Apple Watches: Apple Watch SE (2022), Apple Watch Series 8 and the new top of the range Apple Watch Ultra. Samsung also released the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro earlier this year, so there’s currently no shortage of options for those looking to buy a new smartwatch.


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