The hidden tricks to squeeze the Xiaomi Smart Band 7


In this way you will be able to get the most out of your smart bracelet, which we have already told you has many secrets for get even more out of your device. In this post we have compiled some of the most interesting with the aim that you learn to completely master the accessory of the Chinese brand.

Get to know your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 inside out

Xiaomi has not told you all the possibilities offered by its Xiaomi Smart Band 7, so below we reveal some of its most useful features. Get the most out of your purchase and discover all kinds of actions you can perform in seconds.

Set smart alarm

For several generations, you can set an alarm in the same way as you do with your mobile, although carrying out the process from the bracelet is much more accessible. Now with this new model you can set a smart alarm.

This means that the wearable is able to record your sleep schedule for wake up at the optimal time closest to the time indicated by yourself. To do this, simply access any alarm from the bracelet and select the “Smart alarm” section.

Control Netflix from your Xiaomi Band 7

One of the most remarkable curiosities of this Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is that it allows you to control Netflix. It is one of most unknown functions of the device and it is precisely for this reason that this aspect must be highlighted.

If you want to have the control of Netflix from the bracelet, you just have to send content from your smartphone has a android TV device via built-in Chromecast. After that, the corresponding buttons will appear to pause the transmission or change the volume.

Use Google Maps

One of the disappointments of users was that the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 did not have a GPS chip. However, this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of services such as Google Maps and it is that you can actually use them, but not as such. In short, we must give bracelet permission for access notifications of the Google navigation application and these will appear on the device with the distance that we have to travel.

In the app you’re using to link your wearable, go to “Devices” and select “Notifications & Reminders”, then open “App Alerts”, select “Manage Apps” and add Google Maps.

Create spheres with an image

Personalization is another interesting facet of your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and the spheres are a fundamental part of it. Thanks to them, you can change the appearance of the interface of the bracelet and the new generation allows you to maintain the distribution of the elements, but including an image saved in the gallery.

This opens up many possibilities, whether it’s choosing a photo with your partner or from your favorite series. Of course, remember that it will appear cropped. If you want to do that, you have to go back to the “Devices” section of the app where you linked the Xiaomi accessory and access the store. Locate and upload the one that catches your eye and tap “Choose Photo”.

Customize the vibration to your liking

Again this time, you need to go to the app you use to connect your Xiaomi Smart Band 7, like Mi Fitness or Zepp. With this option you can easily identify which type of notification it’s about whether it matters. For this, the bracelet uses a different vibration for each warning.

Locating this function is very simple and, as we mentioned, you must access the application in question. In the “Device” tab, select the “Vibration” section and in this section you can indicate the vibration you want to receive.


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