The impact of 5G on airlines


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Hundreds of international flights to the United States are being canceled due to 5G concerns, but how is the shift to stronger, faster mobile infrastructure affecting airlines?

The move to 5G is one that would get almost anyone with a cellphone excited, but the changes carriers will have to make to cell towers could eliminate a vital safety tool that pilots use to land planes all over the world. country.

“The challenge is that the frequency band on which these new networks are going to operate is adjacent on the electromagnetic spectrum to the frequencies used by aircraft equipment called a radar altimeter,” Beacon Group Vice President David Max Korzen said.

The radar altimeter is an essential tool that pilots use to determine how close they are to the ground.

“It has the potential to confuse the radar altimeter and create a very dangerous situation when you come in to land,” Korzen said.

This potential danger has led to hundreds of international flights being canceled and cell carriers like AT&T and Verizon temporarily delaying 5G activation on some towers around certain airports.

We have contacted Birmingham Airport to find out if the switch to 5G has affected or will affect them, but have not heard back.


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