The instrumental works of sound artist Annea Lockwood collected on a new album


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August 3, 2021



Revolving around “letting go of sound to be itself”.

A collection of new instrumental works by Annea Lockwood, titled Become Air / In the vanishing point, is released via Black Truffle in September.

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Developed in 2018 with trumpeter Nate Wooley, “Becoming Air” sees Lockwood use extensive technique and electronics to explore fluctuating pitches and timbre instability.

‘Into the Vanishing Point’ (2019) was inspired by Lockwood’s longstanding ecological and environmental concerns. Developed in collaboration with the piano and percussion quartet Yarn / Wire’s, the group channeled their responses to an article exploring the worldwide collapse of insect populations in sound.

Become Air / In the vanishing point follows the release of Black Truffle by Ora Clementi Sylva sylvarum album.

Pre-order Become Air / In the vanishing point here ahead of its Sept. 10 release, check out the artwork and songlist below.

List of tracks:

1. Become aerial
2. Into the vanishing point

Photo by: Chris Ware.


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