the musical inspirations of the actors of La Casa de Papel


Over the past few weeks, Netflix in partnership with Spotify to create a space entirely dedicated to one of its series which has accumulated the most hours of viewing: Theft of money. In this way, the actors who bring the fiction of Alex pina they were encouraged to confess what their musical inspirations and the songs that accompany them during the filming on the set. Find out everything they said here!

+ The musical inspirations of La Casa de Papel

6. Darko Peric (Helsinki)

The actor who plays Helsinki not only worship it punk and heavy music as part of her character, it’s also her favorite style in real life. “I can divide it into three steps. The first was euphoria because we had started and my inspiration was Bank robber, a song by the English punk band called Shock“, He explained. In this sense, he added:”The second part, which was like “we are the resistance”, for me who loves east coast hip hop, it was Fight the power of Public enemy. And the last season could not miss the mythical Spanish punk group Scurvy and the song Be careful”.

5. Esther Acebo (Stockholm)

Recording sets can be a bit chaotic when they require a lot of technical display. For “create your own bubble», The actress who brings life to Stockholm usually listen Happiness does not wait of lafur Arnalds. “It generates a very special atmosphere, I get lost a bit and from there I can focus on the character», He assured Acebo who also talked about how magical it was to sing a religious song in the scene where Nairobi is nailed to the door because of Gandia.

4. Jaime Lorente (Denver)

Among the music lovers of the cast, one of those who stand out the most is Jaime Lorente, since the recent launch of its solo career and he already has a few singles on the market. And his songs are also part of the musical inspiration of Denver. “Looking at the sun it’s a song I made right after a day of filming. I went out, I went to the studio and I recorded it. It is closely related to La Casa de Papel»Remarked the actor who listens so frequently Under the skin of Alice Wonder and Open heart of Natos and Waor.

3. Luka Peros (Marsella)

I don’t know if I can live without music»Says the artist who composed Marseilles, the assistant of The teacher. “Invincible, of a group called Tool, it has a lot to do with the soul of my character and it puts me in the right direction“He added. Per os concluded: “It depends on the emotion, I like to listen to international music from any continent. The one who calms me down and helps me during the shoot is Song of the night, the collaboration of Michael Brook and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, from Pakistan”.

2. Miguel Herran (River)

One of the protagonists of Theft of money had to shoot some scenes in Thailand. Is about Miguel Herran, Who’s playing River and who took the song as musical inspiration Poisoning of C. Tangana. “The subject talks about being intoxicated by power. There, I realized what was really important, that it was neither material, nor money, nor fame. But it was me and listen to me», Declared the artist who, in recent weeks, has reproduced To scold and Mum Juke Box of Wray link.

1. Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo)

During the shooting, many songs accompany us in general like the Bella ciao, it moves us a lot. But beyond the music I wear to inspire me, like the tangos who always accompany me, there is a song that my friend and my brother performed Pedro Alonso», Began Rodrigo de la Serna in reference to the musical curtain of Theft of money who repeats “I don’t care at all”(“I do not care“). The interpreter of Palermo indicated: “This mantra is what happens to this character who is already played and thrown into this madness. He is broken in love and pursues an idea. This sentence interpreted by Pedro accompanied me a lot”.

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