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The name of the wind farm honors former Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty, who represented District 1, which includes the Tri-Valley. Haggerty is also a long-time advocate for renewable energy who has been instrumental in the development of EBCE. Although Haggerty has moved to Tennessee since his retirement, he returned to the area to attend the dedication ceremony.

Haggerty told The Weekly it was “humiliating” for the establishment to bear his name.

“I am extremely pleased with the board of directors who voted to give it my name, but I think more importantly that this is really a major step in securing my vision that I had when I I launched East Bay Community Energy, ”Haggerty said. “I want Alameda County to be truly sustainable, which means that it is not dependent on any other county or any other energy company other than the wind turbines and solar parks in our county,” he said. he adds.

The new facility represents a $ 20 million investment in Alameda County via tax revenue to support utilities and will also support many clean energy related jobs in operations and maintenance, following initial production of more than 115,000 hours of union work, officials said in a statement.

The project replaces 569 hundred-kilowatt turbines with 23 state-of-the-art, wildlife-friendly turbines and is expected to produce electricity at lower cost for thousands of residents and businesses, officials say.

The clean electricity created from the new turbines will serve as the primary source of supply for EBCE’s Renewable 100 program, an energy mix of wind and solar power serving approximately 100,000 customers.

“In just a few short years, we have made great strides in bringing more affordable renewable energy and reinvesting our income in the community to generate local green jobs, valuable programs and cleaner energy projects,” said Chaset. .

Other local officials who attended the inauguration ceremony included Livermore City Council member Brittni Kiick, Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D-Orinda) and Dublin Mayor Melissa Hernandez, who said the project will help the Dublin city to be the first Tri-City in the valley to serve and provide 100% renewable energy to its inhabitants.


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