Therabody launches a massage gun for your face


Skincare gadgets are all over Instagram and TikTok, and now the company behind the Theragun body massage gun wants in on the action. Today, Therabody announced the launch of the TheraFace Pro, a facial massage gun that can also deliver micro-currents and light therapy with interchangeable magnetic attachments.

According to Therabody’s press release, the $399 TheraFace Pro was born out of customers sharing anecdotal stories of using Theragun devices on their faces. For the record, the company stressed that it does not do not recommend this particular use case for their devices. However, given the demand, Therabody says it then tasked its engineering and product team to treat facial muscle tension, headaches and jaw pain.

Like the Theragun, the main schtick of the TheraFace Pro is percussive massage. However, it is a gentler version that is more suitable for the delicate skin on your face than the original, which targets deep tissue muscles. The TheraFace Pro’s vibrations only reach 3mm into muscle depth, while its other devices go up to 16mm. It also comes with three accessories: a dish for general use; a cone for targeted areas such as the eyes and smile lines; and a microdot attachment for larger areas like the forehead and cheeks.

There is also a magnetic attachment for micro-current facials.
Image: Therabody

The device can be used as a deep cleaning tool to remove dirt, oil and debris. You can also purchase $99 hot and cold rings separately, which are supposed to help skin absorb products better and reduce puffiness.

If that were the case, TheraFace Pro wouldn’t be much to tell. However, what is intriguing is that the device can also do light therapy and micro-currents. Microcurrent therapy refers to a form of facial toning that involves sending low voltage electrical currents through the skin. Meanwhile, light therapy involves shining red or blue LED light on the skin to reduce wrinkles and treat acne. Currently, there is some evidence that light therapy works, although more research is needed and the effectiveness of home devices can vary widely. Therabody says customers only need one accessory to get red, blue, and red/infrared light. The TheraFace Pro has also received FDA clearance as a Class II device for its micro-current and LED features.

The TheraFace Pro acts as several skin care devices in one.
Image: Therabody

It’s no surprise that Therabody is adding these particular treatments to its facial massager. Professional microcurrent facials are usually performed by dermatologists and estheticians, but at-home gadgets like NuFace have become popular thanks to social media. Light therapy masks are also popular and feature in the routines of many skincare influencers. What’s new is more that it’s an all-in-one device that does all of these things for around $400. Typically, you will need to purchase multiple devices, one for each type of treatment. These devices can also cost a pretty penny. NuFace’s cheapest device costs around $160, with the majority costing several hundred dollars. Meanwhile, LED light up masks tend to cost between $100 and $500.

The TheraFace Pro will retail for $399, with the hot and cold ring attachments sold separately for $99. It is currently available on Therabody’s website as well as retail stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Dillard’s, Best Buy, and Target.


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