“They were the band Dad and I bonded over”


Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halenthe son of Eddie Van Halenpraised the rock pioneer AC DCsaying that they were the band he and his late father had bonded with in the past.

There is no doubt that AC DC is one of the pioneers of rock music. Since forming in Sydney in 1973, they have continued to create unique things that make them the best of their kind. With his classic songs like Back in black, DTT., Highway to Hell, The Bells of Hell, Stunned, High tensionand much more, AC DC continues to touch people’s lives since its early years.

The son and his father, Wolfgang Van Halen and Eddie Van Halenwere among those who made a special connection due to AC DC. After the death of his father on October 6, 2020, Wolfgang Van Halen had shared a tribute video, called Distance, to send his love to his father. Also, even though Eddie died peacefully, Wolfgang always mourns him every time he interviews.

In his recent interview with classic rock, Wolfgang talked about joining Tremonti group in 2012, his father Eddie Van Halenhe and his father’s connection linked to AC DC, his passion for Tool and Layne Staley from Chained Alice. At first, the musician remembered the moment when he learned all the Tremonti setlist the night before joining their tour.

“I happened to be in New Jersey with my friends from Sevendust, where they were recording [2013 album] Black Out The Sun, I was just hanging out with them, and I happened to have some of my bass gear with me because we were just jamming and stuff,” Wolfgang noted.

“And it was late one night that I got a call from Mark Tremonti. He was like, ‘Hey, man, I heard you were in town. We need a bass player. Do you think what could you pass?

“And sure enough, I loaded up my things in a pickup, and I arrived forty-five minutes later in New York, and learned the whole set, and we started touring the next day!”

Wolfgang adds that AC/DC was ‘the band Dad and I bonded over’

Wolfgang then spoke touchingly when he recalled his late father Eddie Van Halen. When the interviewer took Wolfgang in his childhood that Eddie played him big balls through AC DC, Wolfgang admitted that he and his father bonded over their music. He also said he is a big fan of AC DC.

“AC/DC has always been the band Dad and I bonded with” Wolfgang said.

“Other than Van Halen being the most famous classic rock band, AC/DC is definitely my band.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Wolfgang mentioned his vocal talents. According to him, singing was the thing he had to work on the most. When asked which singers he was looking for to improve his singing, Wolfgang mentioned his favorite bands and singers, saying Layne Staley of Chained Alice, Tool and Maynard James Keenan are among his favorites.

“Growing up I was always a big fan of grunge-era singers, Layne Staley of Alice In Chains being one of my favorites,” he reveals.

“And I’ve always been a huge Tool fan. I like how Maynard [Keenan] can have a heavy voice but also the clearest possible voice.

“But I never really tried to imitate another singer. I sang all my life.

Back in November 2020, AC DC guitarist and founder young calf had sent words of praise for the late guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Say that Eddie was innovative with his guitar style, Malcolm had also mentioned the first time they met.

“I would say Eddie was, in addition to playing guitar in the world, he was definitely innovative with his guitar style,” Angus said. “And for the world, he reinvented the way the guitar should be and he influenced a lot of people.

“I think the first time I met him was in the 90s when we toured around Europe and played gigs together. And he was such a warm person The first thing you notice about him is that as soon as you saw him, he had a big smile, like a big laugh and gave me a big hug.

“Always nice to see you. For the music world, it’s a great loss. But then again, for those of us who were lucky enough to have met him, it’s probably still a tragedy. and also for his family and all those close to him.

“When you got the news that the cancer had come back to him, you pray the guy is okay. But that’s how I always remembered him. And I also remember seeing him on our tour of America, and he came to Los Angeles.

“And he came to the shows to see us. He was still the same; big smile, happy, and he was always so happy to see us. And he was very fond of Malcolm. It’s a tough thing and it definitely leaves a big hole. And if you knew him, he leaves a big hole in people.


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