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FIA Formula 2: Felipe Drugovich 2022 FIA Formula 2 Champion. How does that sound?

Felipe Drugovitch: It sounds amazing! I think it takes a bit of time to figure it out, and then you realize you’re the champion. I think when you start you always dream of being in F1, but then you realize how hard it is to be F2 champion as well, that’s all you can do to make that dream come true, and it suddenly becomes a dream to also be an F2 champion. Ever since I was little, I have dreamed of this moment. It’s such an unreal feeling to be here.

FIA Formula 2: What about how you picked it up at Monza, having to watch the Sprint race from the pit lane? How difficult was it?

Drugovitch: It was definitely not as I expected. At first, I was a little nervous because Theo was catching up on positions. In the end, we realized that it was quite difficult for him to climb the hierarchy and the feeling was the same as if I had been in the car. It’s just something unreal and I think I’m really going to enjoy it for a long time.

FIA Formula 2: Felipe this is your third season in Formula 2, your second with MP Motorsport after a year with Virtuosi Racing in 2021. How instrumental has MP Motorsport been in your journey to success in Formula 2?

Drugovitch: Very much. They really helped me in the beginning to develop my driving and my skills, but at the same time they are also a very young team and I think that’s why I also helped them learn a lot. I think that’s also what helped us win this year. I came with a lot of experience, I helped them improve and they also took a big step forward from last year to this year. I think it was a team effort, obviously, but I’m really happy that I managed to help them.

FIA Formula 2: With three races of the season still to go, you have five wins, four pole positions, nine podiums and just one retirement. You were Mr. Coherent. When did you realize ‘I can do this? Can I get this championship?’

Drugovitch: Obviously, we think about it very early in the Championship. You try not to, but I think when you realize you can get it, that’s something really special. I think it was around Spa that I again took a gap and I saw that we had come back very well from the break. Then I really thought it was possible. Even though it was already almost the end of the Championship, the eleventh round, I think that’s when I really started to think about it.

FIA Formula 2: Is there a race or round you will always remember from this season?

Drugovitch: Monaco will be one, probably the most special. Also, Zandvoort was really special for the team, to win their home race for them, so I think those two will be my favourites.

FIA Formula 2: What if we did the double in Barcelona?

Drugovitch: It was something special, however, I had actually forgotten about it! It was five wins and all of them were very special, I think each one has its good sides. I think we just need to enjoy it. All of them are truly my favorites.

FIA Formula 2: Have there been any frustrations or doubts this year?

Drugovitch: Yeah. I think throughout July, when we had four race weekends in a month, we felt we were losing a bit of performance and losing that championship lead. Obviously, it wasn’t the end of the world as we were still up there a few points apart, but it’s never nice to see others progressing and you staying there. At the same time, I think it was something that had to happen so that we could work through the summer holidays and come back stronger.

FIA Formula 2: You said you were unsure of a third season in Formula 2 after a disappointing second year, is staying in FIA Formula 2 the best decision of your career so far?

Drugovitch: He is. It’s certain. I have no idea what I was going to do without F2 this year, even though it was not planned. I think this title will open many opportunities for me and I hope that one day I can also be in F1. This is the main objective and I will fight for it.

FIA Formula 2: You say it will open up a lot of opportunities for you, but how will the news go back home in Brazil? You are the country’s first second division champion since Bruno Junqueira in 2000.

Drugovitch: I hope there will be a lot of news, I think there are a lot of people cheering, especially because there are no Brazilians in F1. I think if you go down the ladder, I’m the first one they can choose and it’s special to do the job for them. They really miss someone in F1 and I hope I can be there one day to represent the country.

FIA Formula 2: You talk about opportunities. There are discussions and rumors about what you will do next. What can you tell us?

Drugovitch: Well, I try to be in the paddock. There are few places still available in F1. Obviously, it’s very difficult to get that main seat. We try, but if not, we will try to get a reserve seat. Right now I’m just trying to get that main seat.

FIA Formula 2: Very good luck for the next final, how will you celebrate this title?

Drugovitch: Well, I hope the team will be ready! It would be nice to have a party tomorrow night with the team and enjoy the moment. We were going to take a two month break in Abu Dhabi, so it’s good to have a good party before this break.

FIA Formula 2: Thank you and congratulations, Felipe.


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