TikTok & Snap Alums launch mayk.it, a new social music creation app


Founded by alumni of TikTok, Snap and Google, mayk.it strives to connect users to simple music creation tools, a medium less represented in favor of photo and video media. Breaking down barriers to musical creation will allow people to express themselves comfortably and effortlessly through song and sound. From now on, the musical content is depressurized and democratized.

The platform leverages three fundamental technology and product principles to effectively enable its users to begin their music journey. Users will benefit from easy access to quality tools accessible on a collaborative basis. Once a user chooses a voice filter and beat, they can start creating and sharing songs within seconds.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the co-founders Stefan Heinrich Henriquez and Akiva Bamberger wanted to create music, but creative spaces made with tools intended for beginners did not exist. Their mission: to create a platform that is simple enough for everyone to use, yet sophisticated enough to support budding artists and create quality streaming audio. To achieve this, they combined studio-grade audio production tools into a simple-designed interface.

“mayk.it is so close to my heart”, says Stefan Heinrich Henriquez, mayk.it is CEO. “Creating songs is a great equalizer unattainable by most. We all have a voice – and with access to free professional tools – anyone can experience music as a liberating, creative outlet. creative will inspire more people to connect through personalized songs. “

Akiva Bamberger, the technical director of mayk.it, continued: “Many aspiring artists with musical dreams stop producing due to the frustration of traditional audio software tools. Focusing on the beginner and creating the funniest, fastest, and easiest way to create songs is really important in allowing more potential artists to express themselves. “

secure mayk.it $ 4 million in financing from notable investors, including: Greycroft, Chicago Ventures, Slow Ventures, firstminute, as well as Steven galanis, Randi Zuckerberg, YouTuber Mr. Beasts’ Night media, Spotify 1st CMO Sophia Bendz, Cyan Banister, artist T-Pain and music industry veteran Zach Katz, among others.

Greycroft Dana settling down added: “I believe all humans are fundamentally creative – I watch my kids express themselves creatively in construction (Minecraft / Roblox), photos (Instagram), videos (TikTok) and now with sound and music (mayk.it)! It’s exciting to be involved with such a diverse and amazing team building the platform for the next frontier of creativity. “

Artist T-Pain shares: “It was really difficult and very expensive, when I had to find a way to make my sound in music. I’m super excited that now others can have a quick and free way to tune their voices, find their sound, and be comfortable discovering their musical journey. “

mayk.it will be a tool to connect talented and unknown musical creators with industry professionals, songwriters and producers. A&R label major producer Mickey ‘Memphitz’ Wright Jr. explained, “I think mayk.it is the next fun and creative way for me to find our label’s next best known and unknown future stars. On this app , users could make a move without even trying. “

Manu, content creator with 15M followers, was one of the first beta testers. Regarding user experience, Manu said: “mayk.it has allowed me to be truly a 360 degree content creator as I can now create and own my own songs for my videos – it frees up even more creativity for me as I have full creative control over the songs I create for my content. I never thought I could sing or make my own comedy audio playlist, but with the right tools everyone can literally sing now. “

Users can join the mayk.it waitlist by directly sending a message to the mayk.it team (@ mayk.it on TikTok or IG) to get early access. More information is available at www.mayk.it.

About mayk.it:

mayk.it is an app that makes professional quality audio recording tools free with a built-in community. Currently available by invitation, mayk.it is downloadable upon initial launch for iOS users in the US and other global markets. Co-founded by alumni of TikTok and Snap, mayk.it is the new intersection of music, social and entertainment.

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