Tools and Toys: Jazz Band from DNA Vibe and MyFAK


DNA Vibe Jazz Band

What to like: A day of hiking, housekeeping, or exercising can cause muscle or joint pain. The FDA has approved light therapy to help with recovery. This device allows the user to speed up recovery at home.

What does it do: DNA vibe says the Jazz Band combines exclusive red and near infrared light, magnetic signals, and micro-vibrations to maximize efficiency and results. The device is controlled via an app that allows the user to control the duration and strength of each of the therapies. It has three interchangeable power options, including a 10-foot cord that plugs into the wall (included); it can also be plugged into a vehicle with an adapter or a power supply (both sold separately). Two straps are included which allow the Jazz Band to be coiled or held against a sore muscle. The device sells for $ 249. Visit to learn more.

MonFAK | First aid kit

What to like: It’s a compact first aid kit from My Medic that manages to hold more than just basic supplies and fits in a glove box or backpack. Great for travel, hiking, camping or home.

What does it do: MyFAK is designed in a tri-fold design so that, once unzipped, first aid supplies are easy to find and access. The kit includes over 100 different items for first aid or trauma. The exterior straps allow the kit to be attached to a belt or backpack straps and the Velcro straps and loops allow other items to be attached to the exterior of the case. The basic kit, which includes items like gauze and bandages, topical medications, a thermometer, penlight, emergency blanket, and more, sells for $ 120 and is available in multiple colors. Visit to see the first aid supplies provided in the kit.


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