Verizon gives LG Wing access to 5G C-band spectrum, despite LG shutdown


Verizon recently announced that it is giving the LG Wing access to its 5G C-Band spectrum, the new way to connect using smartphone data and the fast internet available in the country. It features 5G C-Band support despite the discontinuation of LG smartphone production that happened last year, with its existing devices still being supported.

Verizon gives access to LG Wing for its C-band 5G spectrum

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Verizon spokesperson George Koroneos announced on Twitter regarding the new 5G C-band spectrum that the company recently made available to the LG Wing. It shows the dual-screen phone that looks like the letter ‘T’, connecting to the stronger network connection the company has had since the start of the year.

the LG wing is a 2020 device from the South Korean tech manufacturer which is one of the first devices to offer 5G on its flagship devices as the transition to the network initially took place. This only shows that many devices are accessing the 5G C-band spectrum despite the initial disputes that took place in the country.

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The LG wing: always with the company’s support

LG and Verizon showed that it continues to provide support and provide these updates to make their devices connect with the modern features available to them. The public is being greeted with LG’s decision in early 2021 to stop manufacturing its smartphones for everyone, as it would focus its technology on its strengths like battery production and smart home appliances.

Verizon and its 5G C-band spectrum

Earlier in the year, there was a delay in pushing the strong 5G connection called “C-Band Spectrum” due to its drastic effects on aircraft and their instruments. The company was in talks with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding its deployment, but the agency focused on the delay for further discussion and research on the matter.

Later in January, telecom companies like Verizon and AT&T that initially pushed for 5G expansion got their FAA approval, and 5G C-band is now available to everyone. He still saw many grievances from airlines as it can affect flight schedules and the safety of their instruments when trying to take off or land.

Despite the many complaints, the public is now here to access the 5G C-Band spectrum and this allows many devices to connect to the network for their needs. It also includes devices from defunct manufacturers like the LG Wing, and the device still provides support to its users to face the new face of 5G available in the country.

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