Vince Vaughn compares Freaky’s role to being in a K-pop group



Vince Vaughn surprisingly compared working on the horror of body swapping Weird to be a member of a K-pop group.

The film finally hits UK cinemas this Friday, July 2, and sees Vaughn play the serial killer The Butcher who ends up in the body of teenage Millie (Kathryn Newton) when he stabs her with a mystical dagger.

This means that while Vaughn struts around in his serial killer stuff at the start of the movie, he spends most of the rest of the movie. Weird play a teenage girl, albeit in the body of a menacing serial killer.

Talk to Digital spy, he revealed he approached the unique challenge like any other role he has played.


“You build it like any character. It was so well written in the script when it comes to family life and the challenges she faces, and I think anyone can relate to at that age, learning who you are, not having all the confidence and all that stuff, ”he said.

“Catherine and I approached it like we’re part of a K-pop group and have fun and dance.”

Since they both played each other’s characters, director Christopher Landon ensured the two stars had time to rehearse so that once filming began they would know “they could do both”.

“I worked with Kathryn first and we made a video diary with her character, so Vince had something to study so he could see her ways and how she moved around the world,” he said. he continued.

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“Then we rehearsed a lot before we started shooting because I just wanted them to walk the set with confidence. It’s tricky and you don’t want to have to try to figure things out on a day when it goes so fast. . “

Vaughn may seem like an unusual choice for a horror movie since he hasn’t been in the genre since 1998 psychopath remake. For producer Jason Blum however, Vaughn was the first person they offered the role to and an obvious choice for blood and laughs.

“I met him two or three years ago and he told me he wanted to do one of our movies. What I liked about this role is that he has this, but also the funny Vince Vaughn we have all fallen in love with since Wedding crashr days, “he recalls.

“I think he’s perfect for the role. Kathryn too, we worked with Kathryn in Paranormal activity 4 when she was 14. She’s an adult now and I think she’s grown up as an actress a lot. The movie wasn’t very good, but it was always very good. “

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And it was the mixture of horror and comedy in Weird that prompted Vaughn to return to the genre for the first time in over 20 years.

“It is very difficult to put these genres under one roof and [Chris has] so well done that I was excited when I read it. It was so much fun and it came and went with no problem, and I knew I was in good hands to do it with him, “he rejoiced.

“What was the most fun was making two characters and doing it with another actor, Kathryn was so funny and had such great ideas, that was the best part of working with someone you loved. and who was also very intelligent. “

Weird hits UK cinemas on July 2nd.

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