Want Verizon’s new 5G network on January 19? You will need one of these phones


After two weeks, Verizon’s next big 5G upgrade will take place on January 19. While there is still some time before that happens, more details are available on the devices you’ll need to tap into the enhanced 5G connection.

Kyle Malady, chief technology officer at Verizon, told CNET on Tuesday that by the time the network powers up in two weeks, “we estimate that over 90%” of its 5G user base will be ready to tap into. the C-band network.

“A lot of devices already have the right software,” says Malady. “We have tested the devices and have been working with the manufacturers for a long time now, so all the software is ready to go. ”

Among the first list of ready-to-use devices are:

  • Apple’s iPhone 12 range
  • Apple’s iPhone 13 range
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S21 range
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Apple’s iPads with 5G (the iPad Pro and iPad Mini) will also be ready to use the new network when it goes live.

Verizon spent over $ 50 billion last year to purchase C-band spectrum. Verizon’s current 5G network relies on a combination of 5G technologies known as millimeter-wave and low-band spectrum. Millimeter waves have excellent performance but considerably limited coverage which is often only available at certain street corners or in certain parts of stadiums, airports or arenas. The low band offers strong coverage, but its performance is often equivalent to 4G LTE.

With the addition of C-band, Verizon will be able to add a 5G network that works in the middle, delivering much faster performance than low-band 5G while providing significantly better coverage than millimeter wave.

On Tuesday, the carrier said it will cover 100 million people with the new C-band network, which will run parallel to millimeter waves under its “Ultra Wideband” brand, when it goes live on January 19.

A Verizon spokesperson said other phones, such as Google’s Pixel 6 line, “will receive software updates to enable C-band access in the coming weeks.” The spokesperson adds that “in the future, every 5G device that Verizon sells to postpaid customers will be C-band compatible and we will have more than 20 C-band compatible devices by the end of the year.” .

While having the right device is important, Verizon also requires those considering using C-band or its millimeter wave network to purchase its more expensive unlimited plans. This includes the Play More, Do More, and Get More options available today, as well as the old Above and Beyond unlimited plans that were offered a few years ago.

Those on other plans won’t be able to use C-band, even if they have a device that supports it.


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