What is “One Thing About Me” on TikTok? Meaning explained as trend using Nicki Minaj’s song Super Freaky Girl goes viral


TikTok users share truly humiliating and embarrassing moments in their lives using the catchy audio of Nicki Minaj’s song super weird girl in the latest crazy but utterly acceptable Gen Z TikTok craze.

In the “One Thing About Me” trend on TikTok, people reveal intriguing facts or personal stories that aim to entertain and amuse other viewers. The trend is based on the line from Minaj’s song, “One thing about me, I’m the baddest in the world.”

Super Freaky Girl Instrument has gone viral and used by so many people on TikTok, they sing along with their lyrics on their stories-THREAD- https://t.co/RC9Vn0YEx8

At the time of writing, over 820,000 videos have been shared on TikTok using the viral sound of super weird.

Nicki Minaj’s One Thing About Me Trend Explained

Several memes and trends were born and went viral on TikTok. However, popular trends seem to be recycled and given a new twist with new ideas, sounds or filters.

For example, the “One Thing About Me” craze was born during the summer, when users wrote weird facts about themselves or their lives while using the song. Summer background jazz.

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The trend, however, quickly changed. People began to reveal details about their most traumatic and scariest life experiences to the beat of the song in reaction to Nicki Minaj’s lyrics, “One thing about me, I’m the baddest in the world.”

The TikTok trend has it all, from awkward high school first dates to weird party stories. The best thing about the new trend is that users have to rap the whole story to the beat of Nicki Minaj’s song, which makes it more entertaining to watch.

How to Create Your Own One Thing About Me TikTok Video

On TikTok, making a “One Thing About Me” video is simple, but there are more steps than most other trends. Here’s how you can create your own video.

Start by searching Super Freaky Girl (Roman Remix) – Instrumental by KPH on Spotify, Amazon Music and other music streaming platforms. Next, enter TikTok and tap “+” to start creating a new video.

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Play the instrumental version of Nicki Minaj’s song on another device, like a computer or TV, and make sure it’s loud enough for the phone’s microphone to pick up.

Central to this trend is the story told throughout rapping. Start composing words that follow the rhythm of the song. Make sure the lyrics describe a story that captures the audience’s interest.

To get the rhyme right, the lines may need to be revised several times. Before recording, rehearse the song.

In the HipHop/Rap genre, Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” returned to #1 again. She has 2 versions in the top 10. 🤭😹 https://t.co/RaInKnw3yd

Press the red record button and start reciting a story with “One thing about me is” and continue the story to the beat of the music. To access the edit menu when the recording is complete, click the check mark in the lower right corner of the screen.

Click “add sound” at the top. Enter “Super Freaky Girl” in the search bar after tapping on the bezel to view it. Locate and choose the Nicki Minaj song. Tap the sound menu again, then click “Volume” in the lower right corner.

I can’t believe people on tiktok are recounting their lives to the tune of super freaky girl by nicki minaj

Reduce the “Added sound” volume and click “Done”. Nicki Minaj is still credited, but the audience hears the user’s rap over the music. Edit more if needed, add captions and publish. The hashtags #onethingaboutme, #superfreak and #traumatok can be used to caption the video.

If you have no reason to be on tiktok, the only thing you need is to watch the stories told in tune with Super Freaky Girl 😭 literally top-notch content

Make sure the story isn’t so humiliating that it would be regrettable if uploaded. Anyone can watch the clip if the person shares it publicly. Choosing to share an experience can result in millions of views, but if you’re not sure, wait until you feel completely comfortable before doing so.

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