What is the long term solution to the first base?


MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – AUG 24: Rowdy Tellez # 11 of the Milwaukee Brewers takes on the Cincinnati Reds at American Family Field on August 24, 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Brewers defeated the Reds 7-4. (Photo by John Fisher / Getty Images)

The Milwaukee Brewers have bandaged the bullet holes on first base since Prince Fielder left in free agency. The Brewers have seen a different player start at first base on Open Day each year thereafter, and countless other players have turned up to cover innings. Which begs the question, who will ultimately claim this place in the long run?

The Brewers would love to end that revolving door on first base, but what are their options? Today we are exploring what these options can be.

Internal options

All things considered, Milwaukee isn’t without a few potential options at the start. As always, the Brewers will self-locate the position before examining external sources of obstruction from first base. These are the current internal candidates if the brewers decide to go this route.

Rowdy Tellez – Club control until 2024

  • 1 minor league option remaining
  • Career (batting average .246 / .770 OPS)
  • 91.3 MPH muzzle velocity (MLB average: 88.5 MPH)
  • 45.9% Hit Rate – MLB Average: 39.1%

Rowdy Tellez was a low risk mid-season acquisition for David Stearns. The Brewers bought low on a first baseman with a good hitting tool and projectable power, he just needed consistent hitters.

Rowdy is not someone who is going to see a lot of throws during a batting. But he puts the bat on the ball whenever it’s in the strike zone – constantly hitting the ball with force. These underlying numbers are usually indicative of a decent hitter, despite what traditional stats may reflect.

Since joining the club, Rowdy Tellez has reduced (.277 AVG / .346 OBP / .833 OPS) with 7 home runs in just 133 appearances at home plate. He also displays career high exit speed and hard hit rates, suggesting he continues to improve at plate.

Rowdy Tellez is squarely in the mix to be the first starting goal in 2022. The big reserve here is his below-par glove on defense. If the National League implemented DH, Tellez would be the perfect fit – until then he will have to keep improving his defense.

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