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Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook), longtime granddaughter Riverdale resident Pop Tate (Alvin Sander), first arrived in our beloved city after the seven-year time jump at the start of Season 5. Usually, the main characters who come into play in the middle of the series do not quite match and many find themselves desperately wishing that time could be used on one of the other characters. However, from the start, Tabitha was an exception to this. From his first breath on screen, it became clear that Riverdale found something – and somebody – quite special, and the way she has been integrated into the series is just fantastic. Tabitha quickly became a powerful, insightful, and incredibly beloved character, the result of Westbrook’s thoughtful writing and captivating screen presence.


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Since joining the Riverdale crew, Tabitha has become instrumental in the stories and in the lives of the characters. In season five, Tabitha took over her grandfather’s Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. Although she had her work cut out for her, Tabitha sought to franchise the restaurant, leaving her impressive job in Chicago to do so because she understood the importance of places like Pop’s. To complicate matters, she quickly made an enemy at Hiram Lodge (Marc Consuelos), as he had made Riverdale a pitiful shell of what it once was since the gang left town after graduation. Keeping Pop’s was not a priority for him – or even something he necessarily wanted – so Tabitha had to put her franchise plans on hold and fight. From the start, she stood up for what she believed in, even before she had anyone on her side.

Introducing someone new in the middle of the show is always a risk, and most shows don’t do well. Riverdale, however, did an outstanding job in this regard. Tabitha’s relationships with the other members of the show grow quickly and sharpen, and time is spent making sure those relationships are special, powerful, and true to who both characters are. A good example of this is the friendship between Tabitha and Toni (vanessa morgan), who we’ve seen come close over the past season and a half. To begin with, Tabitha and Toni were business partners in a sense, as Toni’s bar, the Whyte Wyrm, is located under Pop’s – where Veronica’s (Camila Mendes) it was the old speakeasy. But a friendship was forged between them, especially after they joined the city council alongside Alice (Madchen Amick) and Frank (ryan robbin) at the end of the season.

Something that really tested Tabitha early on and turned out to be a fantastic addition to Riverdale it’s the writers who immerse her in the mysteries that have become the focus of the fifth season. For starters, after seeing Jughead (Cole Sprouse) down on his luck and agreeing to give him a job, she becomes his partner in crime as he investigates the seemingly alien Mothmen who have plagued Riverdale over the decades. Later, Tabitha joins Betty (Lili Reinhart) as she investigates the Lonely Highway murders and the disappearance of her sister. Tabitha becomes something of a conscience or a voice of reason for both characters – and, really, everyone else – when needed. And, she did all of this while successfully managing her business amid Hiram’s attacks. Including her in the mysteries (and a few others, of course), often the draw of the show, was such a smart move on the writers’ part, especially after everyone was left out of the Betty and Jughead mysteries. for so long. Tabitha’s involvement showed her quick-wittedness and skill, bringing her to the forefront of the series in the best way.

Tabitha’s relationship with Jughead has also worked exceptionally well for the show (even if it’s not as focused as it should be at times). The two quickly became involved in each other’s lives, sharing many of their scenes together, and we saw their romance actively grow. Thankfully, Tabitha didn’t feel and was written as if she was just Jughead’s love interest – as he’s one of the main four – but as a complete character with every element of agency in play. as members of the main four. Jughead and Tabitha have become each other’s biggest supporters, and the two stick together throughout their struggles. The two had arguably the healthiest relationship we’ve seen on the show, and as we head into the final episodes of the sixth season, it’s time we got After of them together.

Above all, his stories show his compassion. Despite being relatively new in town, Tabitha takes every opportunity to help, even if it gets her out as the owner of Pop’s. She agreed to use counterfeit money as change at Pop’s and sponsored the Bulldogs, hosting a pancake breakfast for the team alongside Veronica. She sees Jughead struggling with his past and escaping through alcohol, so she encourages him to get professional help – in the nicest way – and come to terms with whatever it is. Either way, Tabitha is there to help with an open mind and other people’s best interests at heart, and it’s made it easier to absolutely adore her. In season six, everything Tabitha is only intensified during the battle against Percival Pickens (Chris O’Shea) has warmed up, giving him a key role in pretty much everything that happens in town as the final battle nears.

Tabitha’s reluctance to smash the basic things that make Pop what it is has kept the town safe, despite the challenges it faces, has been instrumental in the story. As Pop’s is the heart of Riverdale, it’s what Percival must destroy before he can truly take control and carry out his evil plans. More than that, however, is what Tabitha means to Percival’s plans as an individual. As revealed in Season 6 Episode 19 by Tabitha after a conversation with Archangel Raphael, Tabitha is the guardian angel of Riverdale, which is the culmination of everything we’ve seen in the season. Tabitha was the source of it all good in Riverdale, and she worked tirelessly in her efforts to stop Percival with little to no reward or breakage.

Although she is still a recent addition to the series, Riverdale Wasted no time showing us what we were missing at Tabitha Tate. She was a breath of fresh air, a welcome addition in every way, and quickly became one of the strongest characters on the show. Clearly so much thought has gone into Tabitha’s story. While there are still a few issues, like not focusing enough on Jughead and Tabitha’s romance in the sixth season, the overall result of Tabitha’s introduction is a resounding success. Riverdale deserves some credit for managing to fit Tabitha almost seamlessly into the show and writing such compelling and deep relationships between her and so many other characters. Although still recent, his growing friendship with Veronica has been a wonderful new inclusion, as has his ongoing relationships with Toni, Archie (KJ Apa), And the others. Overall, creating Tabitha Tate is one of the best things Riverdale never did.

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