Why You Won’t Hear Kanye West’s ‘Donda 2’ Album On Spotify


Ye brings “Donda 2” to its own platform.

The artist formerly known as Kanye West has announced that his next album – which is set to premiere in Miami on February 22 – will only be available on his Stem Player listening device rather than streaming services. .

In a flurry of Instagram posts on Thursday evening, Ye explained his decision, accusing streaming services of undervaluing the music.

“Donda 2 will only be available on my own platform, the Stem Player. Not on Apple Amazon Spotify or YouTube,” he wrote in a post that included a preview of a new song. “Today artists only get 12% of the money the industry makes. It’s time to free music from this oppressive system. It’s time to take control and build our own.

“After 10 albums after being under 10 contracts. I turned down a hundred million dollar Apple contract,” he added in another post. “No one can pay me to be disrespected. We set our own price for our art. Tech companies have made music virtually free, so if you’re not sneaking and touring, you’re not eating .

Ye’s Stem Player, released in 2021, allows listeners to isolate various elements of a song (like vocals, bass and drums) to create their own mix. Fans can create a cappella or instrumental versions of their favorite tracks, or cut specific stems to alter a soundscape.

The disc-shaped device features built-in speakers and four light lines to display the volume of each rod. It sells for $200 and originally came with the first ‘Donda’ already loaded.

While “Donda 2” remains a Stem Player exclusive, Ye would join the growing list of artists and podcasters to leak Spotify in recent weeks. misinformation about the coronavirus, not to mention its payment model which many believe undercompensates musicians.

Ye’s announcement follows the first part of “Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy,” a new documentary that premiered on Netflix on Wednesday. The first episode of the three-part series focuses on Ye’s early career and his dreams of stardom, showing his attempts to be taken seriously as a rapper as well as home videos alongside his mother, Donda.

“This flying series on the wall is quiet and understated about its subject, applying the intimacy of a home movie to West’s evolving musical virtuosity, his inordinate sense of self, his perpetual need to make it more and his mental health issues,” Times TV critic Lorraine Ali wrote in her review.

Ye was also in the news this week for his ongoing fallout with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. After breaking up with girlfriend Julia Fox, Ye went on an Instagram spree that sparked accusations that he was stalking Kardashian. On Friday, he asked a judge to delay their declaration of singleness until ownership and custody issues are resolved.


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