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Willie Carter Outreach Center won’t let vandalism stop community service projects in Port Arthur

Posted at 12:40 a.m. on Tuesday, August 30, 2022

For those at the Willie Carter Outreach Center, community service is a big part of the mission. The facility, which provides free recovery services to people struggling with addiction or mental health issues, finds giving back is essential to recovery.

And for this reason, the group was delighted to receive a grant from Port Arthur LNG as part of its Environmental Champions initiative.

In partnership with Port Arthur NewsPort Arthur LNG distributed $55,000 to local non-profit organizations working to improve their community.

Immediately, The Carter Center got to work sprucing up Barbara Jacket Park on Gilham Circle with a mission to add flowers, executive director Johnny Hulin said.

“They did a good job putting in a flower bed, and the park already had flower boxes there. We went back and painted them,” he said. The wooden structures in the park were repainted. All the wooden structures in the park were repainted. And then we went back and filled the flower boxes with flowers.

Additionally, they contacted the city’s parks and recreation department for assistance, which allowed them to do a little more than originally planned.

“Thanks to their intervention and their help, we were able to change all the boards of all the bleachers which were in very bad condition,” said Hulin. “They weren’t painted because they were treated wood and you have to let it dry for a while, but we plan to go in there and finish it at a later date.”

The group went to the park for two weeks, carrying five gallon buckets of water for the plants.

But about two weeks before the city’s Juneteenth event, which The Carter Center also attends, their work had been vandalized.

“I went through there and on the north side of the park there was just a big hole where all the plants were,” Hulin said. “Someone had completely ripped them out. But at some point we’ll go back and try one more time before the fall to put the plants there.

The Carter Center oversees several community service projects each year, including the city’s largest back-to-school event in which 1,500 students receive free backpacks full of school supplies.

“One of the goals of recovery and one of the main points is that you eventually reach a point where you get your spiritual man, and then you get your physical man in order, and if there’s an opportunity for you to keep growing, so you come back,” Hulin said. “All those people that you may have hurt, you have a responsibility to go and right the wrongs that have been done. And part of that is to do more than just saying, “I’m sorry”.

“It’s about how can I physically undo the harm done. And there’s no better way than to walk in and physically do something, especially for your community.

Kelly Prasser, director of external affairs for Sempra Infrastructure, the parent company of Port Arthur LNG, said that since 2020, Sempra and Port Arthur LNG have awarded nearly $600,000 to nonprofits in southeast Texas. .


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