Woodworking machines that every workshop needs


When setting up a carpentry shop, your most important purchases will be your woodworking machinery. Your choice of woodworking machines will determine the quality of your creations, the ease with which you will complete them, and the manual labor required.

Woodworking machines to create, repair and restore

Of course, it is not always necessary to buy new equipment. You can find suitable used or refurbished equipment, which will save you money and give you room in your budget to buy more equipment. It can certainly be beneficial to get in touch with experts in the field of new and used woodworking equipment such as Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery when choosing the perfect products and getting expert advice.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the machines you might consider.

Thickness Planer

These provide an efficient and precise way to efficiently cut wood slabs or create a flat surface to a precise thickness. This device means woodworkers can purchase coarser grade lumber and any size more economically as they can easily finish the lumber to the desired thickness.


A router is a hand or power tool for chamfering or profiling an edge. A handheld router can be used to square the edges of wood, router or hollow out wood to cut and shape a surface or edge.

CNC router or milling machine

For those who want computerized drilling, routing, sawing, or milling with precise precision through a computer interface, a CNC router or CNC milling machine are woodworking items to consider. A CNC router or milling machine is perfect when you want intricate design, high productivity, and precisely reproduced parts. The list of woodworking capabilities can cover panel saw, router and boring machines, and your CNC router can also create precise mortises and tenons. You’ll need to learn the associated computer interface, but the possibilities will ensure you’re hooked quickly.

dovetail machines

A dovetail joint is widely recognized as the strongest, and perhaps the most aesthetic joinery joinery. Dovetail machines will help you create one of many popular dovetail joint variations in drawers and boxes. Machines are available from basic manual to fully automated, so there will be a machine to suit your budget and requirements.


No matter what you plan to do or the quality of wood you use, at some point you will need the services of a sander. There are many different types of sanders available, including belt and disc sanders, orbital sanders (including random sanding disc equipment), ranging from a small pocket to a wide belt sander at the state-of-the-art technology for more industrial capacity. Modern machines are computer-controlled, making them very easy to use, very labor-saving and providing a quick return on the initial investment.


Again, when choosing the right saws for your woodshop, there are plenty to choose from, so it pays to choose wisely. Chop saws are ideal for cutting wood to length, working effectively in the direction of the grain. Bandsaws are considered essential as they make deep cuts in shaped, straight wood with minimal wastage of the narrow blades used. Panel saws offer the easiest way to cut sheet material to size and are space saving. A general or rip saw can perform a variety of wood sizing functions, or you can benefit from a specific miter saw to replicate precise miter cuts.


There are many drills and boring machines to run a carpentry shop more efficiently and offer labor saving solutions. A single or group drill tool can produce holes for dowels or screws to produce furniture, picture frames and other joinery needs. Holes can be drilled horizontally or vertically.

Dust extraction devices

Of course, we cannot ignore the essential dust-removal measures for protect your health from dust and particles woodworking product.

Our overview of the most needed joinery machines for workshops gives you an idea of ​​the range of equipment available, new, used and refurbished, to help you use space and budget wisely. Hopefully you can now get an idea of ​​what best suits your needs.


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