Wristcam Band brings video calls to Apple Watch with a caveat


Long story short, Wristcam now offers the ability to make and take video calls on your wrist. Previously, it only worked as a regular camera, making it easy to take photos and record videos without having to take out your phone. Video calling is easily the next step in that direction, but you might want to temper your enthusiasm if you’re dying to FaceTime your friends using your Apple Watch.

Wristcam doesn’t work with FaceTime at all, so you still can’t. Instead, you’ll need to make sure the person you’re calling also has the Wristcam accessory for their Apple Watch. Alternatively, the Wristcam app for iPhone also allows users to make Watch-to-iPhone video calls. It’s not an entirely seamless experience, necessitating the purchase of a bulky $299 strap for the otherwise sleek Apple Watch, but it’s better than nothing for those who crave such a feature, especially s already own a Wristcam anyway.

Whether this is a recommended or even useful feature will likely depend on who you ask. As with smart glasses, the idea of ​​a camera that’s always on display and watching the world can be a little scary, especially for the people around you. Sure, Wristcam promises privacy and security and automatically puts cameras to sleep after a period of inactivity, but that still requires a lot of third-party trust.


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