Xiaomi Mi Band 7 just days away from being unveiled

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 would be unveiled in China on May 24. After being introduced in China, the tracker will be announced in other countries including the United States Yes, we said it, the Mi Band is offered to American consumers. You may remember how frustrated you wanted some Xiaomi handsets over the years to learn that the manufacturer had yet to offer its phones in the United States. Still, the Xiaomi power bank and the Mi Band are a few products that Xiaomi sells in the United States
We might see a slight increase in the Mi Band 7 screen from last year’s 1.56-inch AMOLED screen to this year’s 1.62-inch screen. And the Mi Band 7 will track your sleep, heart rate, and some health metrics including the number of steps you take, oxygen saturation (SpO2), and more. Thanks to the larger screen, we should see more complications. The latter is any function of a watch that does more than just tell the time. The device will have built-in apps for weather, alarms, and music control.

NFC is returning and would be available in global markets once the non-NFC variant becomes available. NFC is used to verify user identity for global mobile payments. This prediction is based on a rather poor image from a retail listing of the Mi Band 7 which shows NFC included priced at 269 Yuan ($40.19). There is also speculation that the Mi Band 7 will sport a GPS sensor and support over 100 watch faces.

A new feature called Smart Alarm will wake your users up from a light sleep 30 minutes before their regular alarm goes off. No more shocking and nervous awakenings. A new power saving mode will extend the device’s battery life which lasted five days last year when all features were in use, and provided up to 30 days of power when features were used sparingly.

Apple and Xiaomi are often number 1-2 when it comes to portable shipments. And last year’s Mi Band 6 was just as popular as the first five versions of the device. During the fourth quarter of last year, Apple shipped 59.7 million Apple Watch units, which was enough for a market share of 34.9%. This was followed by Xiaomi’s 14.6 million shipments in the fourth quarter, giving the Mi Band 6 a wearable market share of 8.6% in the final quarter of last year.


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