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YouTube Music, Google’s music streaming service, has announced that it will no longer use users’ precise location to curate personalized playlists for them. Starting September 26, YouTube Music will stop using precise location and even remove data derived from that data.

YouTube Music will stop using precise location for recommendations

Currently, YouTube Music uses Google Location History, if you have location permission enabled for the app. The app uses this precise location to recommend songs and playlists such as Workout Essentials, Focus Supermix, Unwind, etc. The company believes it can recommend such songs and playlists using the user’s approximate location.

According to YouTube Music’s support page, “We have decided to stop using precise location in YouTube Music. We will remove all location-based precise recommendations, location settings, and app permissions. We are also removing all YouTube Music data derived from your precise location.This change will take effect on September 26.

YouTube Music users will still be able to see playlists based on their approximate location, such as top country songs, weather-related playlists, and more. YouTube ensures that users will not see any changes in these features. Notably, the app will continue to access your location.

In addition to that, the company clarifies, “This change only affects your location settings in YouTube Music. It does not affect your Google location history settings or your device location settings.”

For the uninitiated, YouTube Music users also have the option of temporarily disabling location access by going to the Settings section, then Privacy & Location, then turning off the toggle for Location. Android users can decide which app can access their location by manually giving permission to each of them. This option is buried deep in the settings section of the smartphone.

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